The God who sees ME

The God who sees ME

El Roi is my favorite name of God because it means the God who sees. He sees me. He wants to have a relationship with me and wants to know every detail of me life even though He is KING of the Universe. He is so good to me. He is my Lord and Savior. Nothing shall separate me from His love. He is All that I need and MORE!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Rest Within His Sanctuary

Rest Within His Sanctuary is a beautiful song that we sang at EXCEL 33. It means a lot to me and thought I should share it with you all.

Why, in this, a time of trouble,
do I sing a song of peace?
Why, with all man's strife and struggle,
do I thank God for release?

Why? Because I know He loves me,
and by faith I enter in
To the safety of His refuge,
where He saves me from my sin.

He brings comfort to the suffering,
strength to those lost and alone;
For He offers an asylum,
calling us to be His own.

Listen, you can hear Him calling
from the cross and empty grave,
"Enter in My sanctuary;
all who enter I will save."

Rest within his sanctuary;
there is shelter from the storm.
You are safe within His refuge
till He comes to take you home.

Soon the young and old will gather
in that city filled with song.
Walled about by His salvation,
Christ the Lord has made it strong.

See the city gates are open;
enter in while time remains.
There is room for all who trust Him;
death to lose and life to gain.

-Dan Whittemore-