The God who sees ME

The God who sees ME

El Roi is my favorite name of God because it means the God who sees. He sees me. He wants to have a relationship with me and wants to know every detail of me life even though He is KING of the Universe. He is so good to me. He is my Lord and Savior. Nothing shall separate me from His love. He is All that I need and MORE!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Confederate Ball 2011

Saturday, January 29, 2011 we attended a confederate ball. This is the entire group of people we invited. The ball turned out splendidly!
Elizabeth, Rebecca, Kim, Mrs. Schilling, Taylor and Kristen. It was a so nice to have my piano teacher, Kristen and her husband Joel come.
Kim, Angela, Sarah, Aunt Paula, Mrs. Krause, and Christina.
Rebecca, Jeremiah, Daniel, Seth, Elizabeth, and Kate, in front of the Confederate flag.
My friend Rebecca stayed with us for the weekend. It was wonderful to have her over. She lives in Virginia so it was a long drive. Between Friday and Saturday we made matching purses to go with our dresses. Fun times!
Sarah and I at her house about to ride in our carriage to the ball. :D We both love to sew and make new things. Sarah inspires me to hone my handwork skills as well as my love for God.
This is Daniel's sister Angela. It was her first time to come to the ball and we had a blast!
Kim, Rebecca, Taylor.
Kate, Liz, and Taylor.
"Mmm, your cravat isn't quite right..." haha, notice the sword in his hand?
At 7:00, we enjoyed a big dinner.
Christina and Eli.
And the other side of the table...
Emily, Daniel, and Angela.
Emily and Daniel.
This is my sweet friend Sarah. She actually made her lovely gown for the ball.
After dinner, we all met at the dance floor for some good old-fashioned English Contra Dancing. We danced a variety of dances, but the pictures below are all of the "broom dance." The broom dance is similar to musical chairs. One gentleman is short of a partner and has to dance with the broom until the music stops and he grabs a lady. Yes, it was a real funny one to watch as some of the guys fought for a partner.

Well, that concludes the pictures of the Confederate Ball. We had a great time. God bless you!