The God who sees ME

The God who sees ME

El Roi is my favorite name of God because it means the God who sees. He sees me. He wants to have a relationship with me and wants to know every detail of me life even though He is KING of the Universe. He is so good to me. He is my Lord and Savior. Nothing shall separate me from His love. He is All that I need and MORE!

Monday, January 28, 2013

Holy Spirit is the Comforter

Hello again! I have another really good story from the same devotional book.

The Holy Spirit = Comforter

The Greek word for "comforter" is parakletos, which literally means one called alongside to help. This was beautifully illustrated in the Summer Olympics during a track-and-field event. As the runners in the 440-meter race flew around the oval track, one of them suddenly pulled up on the back stretch, one leg hed up and dangling as he limped to a stop. He had pulled a hamstring! As the crowd stood, holding its collective breath, a man ran out of the stands to the young athlete. It was his father! As the television crew relayed the moving scene to the watching world, the microphones picked up the runner's words: "Dad, you've got to help me across the finish line. I've trained all my life for this race." And so the father put his arm around his son, and together, they limped across the finish line to a standing ovation!

In the race of life, God our heavenly Father has come alongside us though the person of hte Holy Spirit. And
when we think we can't go one more step,
when the race becomes painful beyond endurance,
when our hearts feel heavy,
when our minds become dull,
when our spirits are burned our,
we have the Comforter, who comes alongside us, puts His everlasting arms around us, and gently walks with us to the finish. The applause you hear is from the "great cloud of witnesses" who rejoice in your victory!

Taken from: "Just Give me Jesus" by Anne Graham Lots

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Still digging

As I've been studying about the Holy Spirit. I just have to post what I've read and learned. What I have been reading is so rich. It's like striking gold! So last post it was about the 7 roles the Holy Spirit is and how those fulfill needs in our lives. In short, it's every need we have! In John 14:17, Jesus tells his disciples that they already knew the Comforter. If they already knew Him, that means the Holy Spirit is Jesus himself! Also verse 18 confirms this when Jesus says "I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you." He was talking about His Spirit coming. This was such a sweet realization to me. Jesus, my Love and Savior actually is already WITH me! That makes me so incredible happy! These are some quotes from the devotional that were really thought provoking.

When the Holy Spirit comes into you at your invitation, you receive as much of Him as you will ever have. You do not get a little bit of Him then and a little bit more at later experiences. Since He is a Person, you cannot get Him in pieces. You either have all of the Holy Spirit or you have none of the Holy Spirit. Why is it,, then, that He seems to get us in pieces? He comes to us unconditionally, while we surrender to Him conditionally. But He can get more of you!

We give Him our Sundays but not our Mondays.
We give Him our actions but not our attitudes.
We give Him our relationships but not our reputations.
We give Him our time but not our thoughts.
We giv Him our burdens but not our bodies.
We give Him our prayers but not our pleasures.
We give Him our crises but not our children.
We give Him our grief but not our goals.
We give Him our health but not our hearts.

It is the indwelling powerful person of the Holy Spirit who sets me free from the habits of sin. But the power I posses to live a life pleasing to God is directly related to how much control of my life I give to the Holy Spirit.

Beside the road leading to the house where I grew up is a spring of water. Years ago Mother put a pipe into the spring, then placed an old, wooden bucket under the pipe. To this day, water flows through the pipe and into the bucket, which spills over with the clear, cold spring water. A little tin cup is perched on a rock nearby for anyone who is thirsty. But once in a while, the water flowing from the pipe slows to a trickle, then stops altogether. Because no fresh water flows into the bucket, the water that's there gets stagnant and becomes unfit for drinking. When that happens, Mother takes a slender stick and runs it through the pipe, knowing that a small piece of gravel or a little salamander or an accumulation of mud has blocked the water's flow. Sure enough, within minutes, the water starts flowing freely though the pipe and into the bucket once again.

Our lives are like that wooden bucket, with the living water of the Holy Spirit flowing into and spilling from them. God has clearly commanded you and me to be filled with the Spirit. But unconfessed sin or resistance to His authority will block the "flow" of His life within us. If we do not deal with it, our spiritual lives become stagnant and we lose our attractiveness and usefulness to God. And we have nothing refreshing about us that would draw other people to Christ.

What is hindering you from being filled with the Holy SPirit? To be filled with the Holy Spirit is to be under His moment-by-moment control. He has not been given to you so that you can keep Him confined to a particular area in your life. Let Him loose! His is Lord The amount of power you experience to live a victorious, triumphant Christian life is directly proportional to the freedom you give the Spirit to be Lord of your life!

Taken from: "Just give me Jesus" by Anne Graham Lots

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Holy Spirit is the Counselor

Here's another excerpt that really touched me yesterday. The Holy Spirit meets our every need!

The Holy Spirit is the Counselor

"The Amplified Bible gives six other names that could be equally translated from the word in our text for "Counselor." Each name, as it is defined by Webster's dictionary, describes a different aspect of the person of the Holy Spirit. He is our:

1. Counselor: One whose profession is to give advice and manage causes.
2. Comforter: One who relieves another of mental distress.
3. Helper: One who furnishes with relief or support. One who is of use and who waits upon another.
4. Intercessor: One who acts between parties to reconcile differences.
5. Advocate: One who pleads the cause of another.
6. Strengthener: One who causes another to grow, become stronger, endure, and resist attacks.
7. Standby: One who can be relied upon either for regular use or in emergencies. 

Can you imagine how wonderful it would be to have Someone with these attributes in your life?
Are you distressed today?
     Then you need the Comforter.
Are you facing a major decision?
     Then you need the Counselor.
Do you need relief from, or support in, your responsibilities?
     Then you need the Helper.
Do you have a broken relationship?
     Then you need the Intercessor.
Are you being criticized, falsely accused, misunderstood?
     Then you need the Advocate.
Are you constantly defeated by habits of sin?
     Then you need the Strengthener.
Are you unprepared for an emergency?
     Then you need the Standby.
The Holy Spirit is fabulous! He's everything that Jesus is!
have you ever wished Jesus could be to you what He seem to be when you were a child? Did He seem so real then, so close, so comforting, so understanding, so strong and protective? Have you ever wished Jesus would come in the flesh, sit next to you, take your hand in His, tell you how much He loves you,talk to you about your problems, and give you wise advice? He has come! His is here in the person of the Holy Spirit who make Jesus real to you and me. He is the "Spirit of Christ"!"
 Taken from "Just give me Jesus" by Anne Graham Lots

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Chain Saw

                                      The Chain Saw  

  A man walked into a hardware store and told the clerk that as a result of the storm during the night before, an enormous oak tree had crashed into his yard. Although the tree had not hit his house, the main trunk was lying across his driveway, and the huge branches were crisscrossing the front lawn and blocking his view. So he was interested in buying the very best chain saw that the clerk had to sell.

      The clerk, who had listened sympathetically to the man's tale of woe, nodded and said he had just the thing. He excused himself for a moment, disappeared into the back stockroom, then reemerged, carrying a hug Stihl chain saw encased in orange plastic housing. The clerk described the features of the saw, but when he said it could cut through the giant oak tree like a knife through soft butter, the man needed no further sales pitch. He opened his wallet, paid for the saw, and lugged it out of the store.

     Three days later the man came back into the hardware store, dragging the big chain saw. His hair was disheveled, his face was covered in a bristly three-day-old beard, his clothes were sweaty, dirty, and smelly, and his face was scrunched into an angry scowl. He dropped the saw on the floor. Then he smacked the counter with his fist and in a hoarse, raspy voice, began to yell at the clerk, "I thought you said this was the best saw you had for sale! I thought you said this saw was to good and fast, it would cut through the oak tree like a knife though butter. Well, I've been sawing for three full days, and I've only gotten through two tiny little limbs. I want my money back because the saw doesn't work!"

     As other customers stopped and stared, the clerk, who had been standing in shocked amazement at the sudden outburst, moved swiftly to exercise the damage control. As he quickly walked around the counter, he responded defensively, "That saw was in perfect working order when I sold it to you." He then reached down to the saw and pulled its little black cord. Immediately the saw sprang to life with a loud roar. The man jerked upright, his eyes wide with astonishment as he exclaimed, "What's that noise?"

     The poor man had been trying to use a chain saw to cut wood without ever activating the power! He reminds me of a lot of Christians I know. They are trying to live the Christian life without ever activating the Power. It may be possible to get some things done without Power, but the effort and the struggle will make most want to quit. And the Power is not so much a "what" as a "who." The Power is the person of the Holy Spirit.

     There are times when I have gotten the distinct impression from some Christians that the Holy Spirit is an optional extra, reserved primarily for benedictions, baptisms, and those we label "charismatics." Others give the impression that He is more like a heavenly genie in a bottle, who, if you rub Him with the right mixture of prayer and faith, will perform miracles for you. But the Holy Spirit is not an optional extra! He is not to be reserved only for special occasions or exclusive groups, nor is He a trick-performing genie. He is a divine necessity who is imparted to each and every believer at the moment of conversion.
~Taken from "Just give me Jesus" by Anne Graham Lots

 I've been reading this book and this was a really good illustration I thought I'd share with you all.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Wednesday Morning Breakfast Club- MOVIE

     My church back in Michigan was always a welcoming warm church. We loved the genuine sweet people there. I have a friend that I met there when I was young, that I've written to for so many years! She sent me an email telling me about the fundraising for a short movie that some of the members are involved with.

      Amanda Barber wrote it and her brother produced/directed it.  They are both members of the church.  There are some people from church in the film too!  They aren't done yet though.  They are working on a kickstarter campaign to raise enough money to record a real orchestra for the movie (the music is written by their dad!).  If they don't get all the money, they won't be able to receive any of the pledged money and will have to use a computerized orchestra.  Well, they only have a few hours left. But  I thought I would post about it to help get the awareness out.

Have a good day!