The God who sees ME

The God who sees ME

El Roi is my favorite name of God because it means the God who sees. He sees me. He wants to have a relationship with me and wants to know every detail of me life even though He is KING of the Universe. He is so good to me. He is my Lord and Savior. Nothing shall separate me from His love. He is All that I need and MORE!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Foundations -Class Review

I'm at Ellerslie right now and I just wanted to post the little papers we have to write to help us process what we have learned. Here's from the first day of class. 


     The foundation on a house must be builded in the beginning. It is critical for Christians to have a solid foundation of beliefs as well. Without a firm belief in the Truth, Christians will have a skewed perspective and ultimately be ineffective in daily living. Jesus is that Truth. Everything that defines a firm belief must always lead back to Jesus Christ. The Word of God in text will grow a deeper love for the Word of God in Person. When love for the Person of the Word of God multiplies, the more love for the Word of God in text will grow. It is a beautiful cycle that sends true Christ centered people soaring on eagle’s wings.

     The Word of God must take highest position in the Believers lives. The Word is Truth, therefore, a high level of respect will cause the Believers to say “Yes, Lord!” even before the request is out of His lips. Many times this request convicts the heart. In this case, the Believer can be happy as it shows that the Word of God in Person works in their life. Conviction means God is revealing things for their good, but condemnation means that Satan is trying to make a guilty feeling shove them off the cliff. The Savior rescues the believer heading in the wrong direction from the cliffs edge and that is sweet and something to embrace with joy. He may reveal lingering sin in the heart, and when He does, the best response is to seek restitution immediately. Sin is when people get on the throne of their lives and sins are the result of sitting on that throne. Surrendering to His control allows Him to run the machines in their life and to sit on His rightful place on the throne of hearts. 

     Victoriously Jesus comes in and makes the Believer light and free because they then can walk with true Hope, knowing that He is Truth and cannot lie. The Spirit first and in control puts flesh at the bottom subservient the Operator. This is the truest and most exciting news that one could ever hear! Freedom over sin is not just a coin phrase, but it’s reality in Jesus Name! The Gospel so often is presently without all the proper parts. Yes, most know Jesus died for our sins, but do they also realize He invited them to His presence, adopted into His family, given a commission, and sent them out for an impossible task, that He is more than willing to go with us and make it possible through Him. The Believers filled up, can be poured out for others! This is a pure and beautiful gospel that offers Hope to all who Believe and take Jesus as their Lord. 

    Clothed in the righteousness of Christ, Believers are holy as He is Holy. Holiness means that Believers are set apart for Him. He chooses the lowly and He says, “they are MINE,” He has called them by name and chosen them for Himself. The love that the Savior has for His chosen is much like the love a Father has for His children. Everything done is in love. With that Believers must ask themselves, “Can I really trust Him?” If everything that He does is in love for us, then they can whole-heartily answer “YES, we can trust Him.” Believers can put their full faith and trust in their Spiritual Father.

     As I was learning about these foundational truths, my mind was filled with many thoughts coming together. I knew a lot about these foundational aspects, but the clear teaching points to one Person, Jesus. It doesn’t have to be complicated. He is the answer for every thing. I must be building my foundation the the Rock, who never wavers! Many of these truths were so profound that I’m still thinking and thinking about them, but the one that blows my mind is about the Body as a factory. Depending on who’s the director of our factory will determine the fruit in our life. We are born with ourselves in the director’s seat, with flesh controlling the factory. When Jesus steps in and we give Him His rightful place on the directors seat, he can kick flesh off the throne and clean up our factories, making them to produce good fruit. I’m impacted with this bit of information because I am in expectant Hope of Jesus being in control of me for the rest of my life, producing good fruit for His glory.

 These aspects lay the cement and floor boards to faith, now is the time to build and grow and to never stop in building on the Solid Rock of Jesus Christ.