The God who sees ME

The God who sees ME

El Roi is my favorite name of God because it means the God who sees. He sees me. He wants to have a relationship with me and wants to know every detail of me life even though He is KING of the Universe. He is so good to me. He is my Lord and Savior. Nothing shall separate me from His love. He is All that I need and MORE!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Measurement of a Man

The Measurement of a Man

     Jesus was and IS a man. There are some biblical translations that make Jesus seem gender neutral. The Church is the Bride of Christ. Jesus Christ is the measurement. Christians need to measure to Him. They are in Christ and Christ is in us. Jesus builds us to look like Him. He is going to reveal Himself in and through us. Men and women can both have Christ in us and yet they both can showcase Him. When a man is showcasing Jesus Christ, he is a protector and a man to be the first sufferer. A bride allows the man to take the hit. “I accept the fact that you took the hit for me.” Men and women are built differently, but that doesn’t mean that a woman can’t handle a hard challenge. 

     What makes a man marriageable. There are 11 degrees of measurement for guys. Do not marry a “0.” A “0” is a man who has not yet been awakened for God’s vision for manhood. He is the ultimate warrior poet. When he sees injustice He moves. A man who knows when to draw a sword, and a man who knows when to draw the cup of cool water. Jesus had this balance perfectly. A guy who has caught a vision and he’s swung up on a wild stallion is just a “1.” What his life very closely because most likely he’ll fall up in the manure pile. He’s very familiar with the manure pile. If he stays in the manure pile and has gotten back up, is not yet ready and he’s just a 2. A level three is not finished product, but is a man who’s learned the secret to stay in the saddle. He asks, “How can I stay in saddle, how come I can’t do it, but I want to.” Jesus broke the stallion and who can ride the horse. He must climb up into the lap of Jesus and ride righteousness for him. This man is marriageable. 

     Measurement of perfection is Jesus Christ. Let’s behold the glory of God today. Level zero doesn’t know he’s a zero. They’ve never been born again and they are still living in sin. They are creating great havoc in the Church. Just because they go to Church doesn’t mean they are saved. It must start with a new birth. Put off the old way and take on the new one. We’ve grown up in a Church where the clear gospel isn’t preached. We must upload the picture of Jesus Christ in our generation. Proverbs 16:25 they don’t think they are all that bad, but the end is death. Proverbs 7:7, 21-23, a fool is a zero. He does not realize that doing something will end is death. They haven’t been awakened to the exceeding greatness of sin. If you do not have Jesus, you can be a man according to the world’s standards, but true manhood is Jesus.

     Level one men realize that the end IS death. A man lost at sea, awakened will realize his desperate state. The message gets to him and it’s “cry out to Jesus.” Jesus will find you and will rescue you. The moment he cries out he finds his fingers hanging on to a boat. He’s body is still in the water, but he has salvation. This is where most of us live our life where half of our body is still in the water. We are gripping God, but God is gripping us. God has gripped the Christian not that they are to remain there, but to get in the boat. If clinging to boat both hands are busy clinging, but if in the boat the two hand are free to help others. Psalm 18:16-17,19. 

     Level two - the given. Give Jesus your body. When focusing on the big picture the small pictures are solved. Baptism in Christ and Christ in us (Matthew 16:24). This throne belongs to Jesus. This is just basic level Christianity. Jesus Christ must have the bodies.

     Level three - immoveable soul. We are in the mud, and He lifts out of the mud and cleans us up, then puts us on a Rock (truth and Word of God). We will not be moved. We are fixed on the rock and He cannot be moved. Everything is blowing and flying around and melting, but we are fixed on the Solid Rock. I will not be moved. We may not be here yet, but this message is to show us what He has for us. He builds us immovable. Tired of being like a wave of the sea, tossed to and fro? Romans 4:20, Abraham is in strong in faith and immovable. I dwell in the hollow of His hand. Faith is absolute confidence!

     Level four - The harnessed. The things before were just the foundation. Carrying the throne of God. The cherub bears the glory of God and carries the throne of God. They have four faces. Man strength of man, Lion king of beasts, eagle king of air, ox king of strength. God is going to grow us up to be like the cherub. Temple of the living God. Live just to do what God wants. We are not our own, and only living to do what God did. He was obedient as a servant. I live by the faith of the Son of God. We’d like to be in the front seat asking God to be giving the strength, but instead He needs to be in the front seat. You go where He takes you.

     Level Five - The misunderstood. The Humiliated. Who was the humiliated? Where He goes, we go. He learned obedience through what He suffered. He won’t allow you to stay where you are. You are lead the Spirit so He leads and directs you and pushes you forward. Amy Carmichael had a very tough time because no one wanted her there. She was making everyone mad. When we start to move forward in faith, it sometimes will make people mad or uncomfortable. The little pebble thrown into the water will be a rippling effect. You can’t help but create the ripple. When you follow Jesus, part of it, will mean that you lose friends. Jesus despised and rejected. Even when it does not make sense, God may lead us away. Jesus and Lazarus. He wasn’t immune from the aches and pain of this world. It was crushing to heal others than not to heal Lazarus right then. He had to leave so that God could get more glory. There will be times where it seems that He’s not talking. Do you trust me when you don’t know where he’s taking us. To be a worm and no man is Christ. We shared with Christ in His sufferings. The intimacy that we gain with Jesus through those humiliation times is priceless.

     Level six, the hero. Are we will do anything for Him? Backstabbing friends? Are you really doing it for God’s glory. He’s building us into something that will change the world. The only way to build a hero is to break him. A hero takes the blow. A person is training not to think of his own skin. Even to fall down and have no one help him. Are we willing to be forgotten in order to bring Him glory? Job was a level six! He delivered the poor and helpless and broke the jaws of the wicked. That’s a hero! It was a picture of Christ. We do them because He does these things and that He may be known for doing them. Giving Him all the credit. We are being made strong to be poured out for the weak. In this lifetime, we ought not to thinking about “our biography.” All we knew is that Jesus Christ ruled our life. It’s how perfect He is. 
     Level seven - the chief. They wanted George Washington to be the king, but he said no. They wanted something who was not easily corruptible, who was humble. A leader who did not want to be leaders. Are you willing to be the low place so Jesus can raise them up. The men that were broken and that were harnessed by God to only speak His Words of scripture. Why do you like “the chief”? For God or for us? The raw materials must be set before His throne and we must take the low position. 

     Level eight - the dead man. We think we are dead, but then some how we’ve still got a little life. There’s a piece of black construction paper over the window and a little pin prick let’s the light in. That’s like our life and Him pricking us. Are we dead? Are very still frustrated. Your will, not mine. Less of me, more of Him. Don’t just stare at how small we are, but stare at how big is. What we focus on is what we be come.

     Level nine - The Mighty Intercessor. He was tested on the small levels. If you aren’t willing to serve a low person, then we aren’t willing to serve nations. Jesus was the Hero of Heros of Heros! We are still thinking about the photo shoot that we want after saving a little person on the other side of world, let alone being willing to be blotted out for someone else. Completely being willing to taking the blow for someone else.

Level 10 - The measure of perfection. Jesus. The perfect man! Sanctification is where we. We are not like Him fully yet. It must mature over time. It’s a process to get like that 72 year old man who’s walking in His Word and trembling at it.

     This message was convicting and encouraging at the same time. It’s very clear what God wants in His people. To become nothing for Him. Even this morning I was thinking about a situation. I was definitely overwhelmed and tempted to be discouraged. At this point, it has become much smaller after hearing the way our lives are supposed to be. In other words, I’ve gotten focused on my problems and on my smallness. I was able to see the way it’s supposed to be, all of Him and none of me. He is the level ten! He is the Hero!