The God who sees ME

The God who sees ME

El Roi is my favorite name of God because it means the God who sees. He sees me. He wants to have a relationship with me and wants to know every detail of me life even though He is KING of the Universe. He is so good to me. He is my Lord and Savior. Nothing shall separate me from His love. He is All that I need and MORE!

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Spiritual Athlete - the Spirit is Willing

Spiritual Athlete
The Spirit is Willing

     We have this idea that we do not have to do any work in the Christian life. His work continues in us, so that we can grow up into full stature. In Christianity we have a bunch of babies that have never been trained. A child left to it’s own devices will not be trained properly. We don’t know how to respond to a spoonful of grace. The parents are supposed to be the church of Christ. Open your mouth wide so God can fill it. We receive grace and God is the God of all Grace. We model what is being shown to us. 

     An athlete is one that trains. They train for 6 hours a day. The goal is the gold medal. The glory set before them is enough to tantalize the soul to abstain from things, so they can achieve their goal. A spiritual athlete is the same. Their goal should not be self-seeking. He says that He’ll train us, but we have to be willing to leave everything. We have to say no to things. No to the world and it’s enticements. If you want to live, and be useful in my kingdom, you must say no to the things of this world. To say yes to anything is to say no to something else. The priority must be straight. It’s not what saves you, it’s trains the soul. We have the opportunity to be a blessing to the world. Jesus does care what we do with our lives, because we bare His name. We’ve been given a rare training opportunity. It’s legalism when not doing something gives salvation. It’s not legalism when you are staring at Him and giving up those things. You are lead by God’s Spirit, not by our fleshly needs. If you don’t have something worth dying for at age 30 then you don’t have anything worth living for. Are we willing to be trained? Those who want to be the best will train for 24 hours a day! Me time, goes. It’s all Him time. It’s ALL His money, it’s ALL of me to Him. 100% for Him. It IS impossible, but we’ve been introduced to the God of the impossible. 

     This message is uncomfortable, because the flesh is comfortable. We must reckon the truth again. A spiritual athlete does not have belly fat. When God shows us jiggle around the middle it is called conviction. Our thoughts are ones that often have that belly fat. They are so lazy and gross, we’re lucky if we get every 5th thought ok. Imagine the privilege of being one of the mighty men of king David. Then the mightiest of mighty men of king David. If we’d only want to be one of these mighty men. Whatever it costs. It is an honor a privilege to be with King Jesus. We must prove it day in and day out. You will not survive unless you let the gravity to sink in and be there day after day. Are we willing to be trained? Old man dead.

     Peter was looking to his own capacity to follow Jesus. He had to fall so he could realize that his dependency was not in himself. Something needs to happen so we can be fixed, and healed. That new name of “Rock” could only be brought at the cross. He only new how to wield his own strength. When he did, he lost confidence in himself. Peter starts out weak, but then becomes a strong spiritual athlete. Be careful not to say bold proclamations of what we will do for Christ, but instead make bold declarations of Jesus Christ. We esteem the Spiritual athlete, but we must realize that we are weak and not there. We can put our confidence in Jesus. We are strong through Him. God has to expose every last bit of self-reliance. 

     Probably the most difficult time in Jesus’ life was there in Gethsemane, but yet he took the ones who had boasted, with Him into the very intimate place. They are asked to do one thing, to watch. The downward pull on our good intentions are so great that they can not hold up. Many times people wanted to do the right thing, but that want-to wasn’t enough to get them through. We can not seem to muster up the strength because we can not do it. But when we allow Him to do it through us, He can do it quite well. Though the process is shaky at first like gripping a slippery bar of soap, as we get in the pattern of relying on Him, it becomes that Solid Rock beneath the feet. Just as Peter cut off the ear of the servant, we easily can cut off the ability for our audience to hear. Peter had an impediment which was the flesh. When you do spiritual labor you have to have spiritual strength. When you are partying with the flesh, you be all awake, but then the moment you start doing spiritual things, the dumb-bells hang on your eyelids. But we don’t need to except this, we are in Christ. We are not a push-over to the flesh anymore. 

     Ekkake√≥ is the greek word for spiritual flab. Like empty of the fighting spirit, exhausted, wearied, tired, and faint. Will we give up our “sleep” to God and trust in Him. I will be healthier when God defines my sleep. Jesus slept. He slept in faith in the boat. Not even worried when that huge storm came in and caused the seasoned fisherman to be afraid. 

     Eleazar’s hand grew weary in the battle and instead of dropping his sword, he clave to it. Clave means to burn with resolve. Then God wrought a great victory.
For which cause (the glory of God) we faint not: but though our outward man perish yet the inward man is renewed day by day (2 Corinthians 4:16). Don’t give way to ekkeke√≥! Luke 18:1 they must always pray and not faint. We have only one way, it must be done by Jesus and by the Spirit. Lean, depend, abide. Turn to God and say, “My confidence is in You!” Believing that He can do it. When it’s late at night and you can’t stay awake, you have to ask God to give you that authority, that you already have in Him, then to command you body in Jesus name. 2 Timothy 2:1-7 The secret is to be strong in the grace in Christ Jesus. Endure hardness as a soldier. God should have access to us 24 hours. If He asks for my sleep all night, will He give me the strength to get through the next? The secret to putting the putting your foot on the neck of the lion is to go in with the Lion tamer. Strengthen yourself with Jesus!

      This message was chalked full of every little thing I needed to hear. I’ve been battling sleep and food cravings for a little while and this gave me an answer to my problem. Jesus can give me His strength to do His will. It’s so freeing and exciting to know there IS hope to these little habitually things I’ve learned to deal with. I don’t have the experience to back up this yet, but I am clinging to the Fact of Jesus Christ, my Savior. I am no longer subservient to my flesh or body, so in Jesus name I present my body to Him and yield control to Him. Old man crucified with Christ, new man risen with Christ. 

The Weeping Prophet's Prayer Closet

The Weeping Prophet’s Prayer Closet

     Where are the men of old with the calloused knees and worn out floor boards? God is often just an accessory to some people. This generation is weak and powerless people and Christians. Jeremiah articulates that same lament in Jeremiah 5:30-31, “A wonderful and horrible thing is committed in the land; The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means, and my people love it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?” The message that a dying soul needs to hear is not “You’re beautiful,” instead it’s “He’s beautiful and we are wretches!” What happens when someone puts his all on God? Most people graduating from Seminary they don’t believe in Jesus, they don’t have training in the prayer closet, instead they’ve got a cool band and the latest fashion. 

     We want the joy of resurrection, but do we realize that that means we must go through Gethsemane. We want the good feelings, but do we want the ache of Jesus? Matthew 26:38-39 and Luke 22:44 shows how Jesus wanted God’s will so badly and the gravity of the situation, that He sweat drops of blood. Gethsemane can also be translated the place of olives. Olives when they are crushed, produce oil and they are used oil for anointing, the Spirit of God outpoured. The crushing of the Olive brought forth oil for the people of God. 

     Ezekiel was given the task to agonize and travail over the message that he was to give to the people. In our lives, when have we cried over the millions of babies being killed or the unsaved people, or the orphans? God called him just to sit there astonished among the people. When people behold who God is they become a bur in the saddle of their generation. Hosea was called to marry a harlot to demonstrate how God loves Israel. He even has to go buy her back as she leaves him and gets sold to slavery. God wanted Hosea to weep over the unfaithfulness of Israel. Their heart was far from Him. How often are sermons devoid of Christ? He wants us to know Him. He wants our life upon the alter. Amos was to weep over the famine of the Word of God. All these examples show how God wants us to be serious in prayer, to have His heart in prayer. He would not just lightly pray “Please bless these people.” He would pray with passion and with tears, pray to really change things. He would pray for Himself to be in their lives. That’s the real need out there, not just the physical things, but Jesus Himself. John Hyde had been praying and praying for weeks, and he’d only have to say a few words and that would really convict people, because he had that powerful weeping foundation in secret prayer.

     God can not fail. He can take a generation of dead bones and revive them. He knows what they need. Our tears can be wiped away, when the kingdom of God comes and we are filled with Him. When people have heard the good news! Not our early desires, but You and Your kingdom come! He is the solution to everything situation. Jesus is the answer to abortion, or the crisis of AIDs in Africa, or the lethargic modern church of America. God wants us to ask, weep, and come to Gethsemane were we get crushed in prayer. Our prayer should be, “Come Lord Jesus come!”

     So how desperate am I for Him? Am I willing to weep and agonize in prayer for His sake? This is definitely so convicting! I don’t remember when I last felt the ache in prayer for others. I think I’ve prayed with tears before, but it’s been a long time. I think it’s something, I will have to beg Jesus to give me His heart in prayer, it’s not in my strength, but it’s His. Allowing Him to prayer through me. I am a willing vessel in His hand. I pray that “praying” would be an area subject to Him and His Spirit. 

The 9 Lies

The 9 Lies

     Truth is the shield and buckler. That is Jesus Christ. Disobedience to the Word of God gives legal access to the enemy. God is a Just God. The enemy knows that if he finds the breach, he can hinder the work of God. When he finds a tiny breach, he sets up temptations and lies and things that he knows will get set the Believer off in the access he has gained. The enemy wants Christians to think God set off the explosive. They must ask God to protect them and to be in charge. They must ask Him to search them, try them, test them and see if there’s any breaches in the wall. When He’s showed something, go and make it right. Filling the breach can not be done in our own strength, but it must be given to the Creator of the Universe. Then the enemy will try to prevent the rebuilding of the wall. Christians must not give in to the enemy’s devices. They can know the tactics of the enemy, which are nine lies. Satan can not change his ways, he’s living in sin, so that’s why they get set-off by the same explosives.  Fear is based on the unknown. So when the tactics of the enemy are revealed, there is no more reason to fear. God can not change either, but He can change the heart. Believers are like the wet clay in the hands of a Potter, and He is shaping them after His will.

     Ephesians 6 tells Christians to be strong in Christ. The armor of God is Christ. That is the only way to be fortified against the enemy. Putting on that armor, is a command. Nehemiah rebuilding the wall and having enemy telling him lies is a picture of Christians fortifying their walls. Satan will use lies to distract and get them not to continue building. The first lie is “It is impossible; the wall can never be built.” The defense is truth and that’s what can be used to fight with. When Christians have the truth in their hands it can be wielded with extreme effectiveness. If one is in a fortified city, there is no fear, with full provision. Christians have everything they need to be secure during a siege. Luke 1:37 says that with God nothing is impossible. God gave the assignment, so that promise can be stood on firmly. 

     Second lie: “You are too weak, after all, don’t you realize that you are in captivity? You are not able to undertake such a project as this –it is foolish, scornful, and ridiculous.” This same tactic is used on Christians, “You can’t do it because you are too weak.” We can not do it, but we must remind the enemy of our position in Christ. Philippians 4:13 and Romans 8:31,37 says we can do it in Christ who strengthens us. 

     The Third lie is “All this work is for nothing; the progress you have made is not real. There is no real strength in your wall; even the slightest breeze from the enemy will knock it down. You cannot take the rubbish of your inner life and expect to revive what has already been burned.”  Can you identify with this lie? “You actually think this is real?” But listen to this amazing truth: “Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ: (Philippians 1:6)”

     Here’s another lie, number four: “You are too tired to continue: You need your sleep. God knows you need your sleep.” Christians tend to believe this all to easy. Never give way to faintness or weakness, tiredness (2 Corinthians 4:1 and Galatians 6:9). Believers often give way to their bodies and the body rule them. Believers have strength and power in Jesus Christ. Then lie five is “I have the power to sneak up upon you when you least expect it and wipe out everything you have done; all the spiritual steps you have taken will mean nothing when I come in the night to slay you.” No, the devil has no power over the Christian. James 4:7 declares this perfectly, “Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” Ephesians 6:13,16 tells us to hold up the shield of faith and stand firm in Christ Jesus. 

     This lie makes one want to self serve, “You are currently under enemy siege; you’d better stop working and protect yourself.” The truth: “But seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. (Matthew 6:33) Also 2 Timothy 4:18 “And the Lord shall deliver me from every evil work, and will preserve me unto his heavenly kingdom: to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen.” Our job is to stay focused on what God has told us to do.

     Satan tries to condemn us “You are building this wall for your own blessing, to be your own king, to rule for your own glory. You should stop working on such a vain self-aggrandizing project.” God will convict us about sin, not the devil. We do get selfish, but God will help convict us. Matthew 6:13 “And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil us from evil” For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.” The eighth lie is “Meet me for a coffee in Ono. I’m concerned for your well-being, and I might be of some help in your current endeavors. I know of things that you aren’t privy to know. If you listen to my counsel it will make your work go a lot smoother.”   If you need counsel go to God, He is understanding (Proverbs 8:14). He has a whole room just for things we need.

     Nehemiah was tested from the inside on this last lie. He was tempted to Self preserve! He tried to get him to fear man and to try to protect himself. Nehemiah agreed with God, and put his faith in God for His protection. There was nothing that could distract him from God’s mission.

     In my own life... wow. How do I start in finding these breaches? Little holes seem to cause the greatest trouble for me especially. Things that I do not think are very important, God does, and in fact, He knows the areas that the enemy will try to tempt and distract me. One thing that I was convicted of after listening to this message was in the little things that I do that are slightly unchristian, that I do not think are big enough to go back and make right. Each one is so important though, because that is what makes hypocrites and really turns people off to Christianity. I need to be so sensitive to the Holy Spirit that any little breach will just set off an alarm in my spiritual walls. 

Faith that Works

Faith that Works

     “For by grace are you save through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: not of works, lest any man should boast.” 
Ephesians 2:8-9
What do it profit, my brethen, though a man say he hath faith, and have not works? Can faith save him?... Even so faith, if it have not works, is dead, being alone, yea, a man may say, Thou has faith, and I have works: show me thy faith without thy works, and I will show thee my faith by my works... But wilt thou know, O vain man, that faith without works is dead?... Seest thou how faith wrought with his works, and by works was faith made perfect?... Ye see then how that by works a man is justified, and not by faith only... For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also. James 2:14, 17-18, 20, 22, 24, 26

     In Ephesians 2 it says people are saved by grace through faith and it’s not through works. Then in James it says that it’s not just faith, but works also. Faith that does not do the works of faith is not true faith. People are supposed to work, but a different type of works. Grace is the power of God to accomplish only what God can do. When people are born they are in Adam and dead in sin. They can know about Jesus but still be dead. It’s only when grace works in the heart and they reckoning Jesus’ salvation then they become alive. Reckoning is claiming by faith what He said He has given them. But it even starts back with the work of Grace. After becoming alive it is a reasonable service to give their body to Jesus who gave His for them. Then exerting their faith they become even more alive. Then full of abundant life is when they obey His Word. That’s the life of Jesus can be lived out through them. Faith produces more faith that’s why as Christians believe more in Him and obey Him, they have more faith. 

     This is illustrated well with a person who has his eyes fixed on unhealthy food and doesn’t know that fruits and veggies bring life. He does not know so does not eat it and therefore becomes fat and ultimately dies prematurely. This is ignorant unbelief. Then The another is still fat and eating unhealthy food, but yet knows about the good food. They’ve heard about the fruits and veggies but he’s still dying because he’s not eating it. Believing is not just knowing about something. In the Christian life, we’re living starting over at the cross but not living it or believing it. The final person found true life because they not only looked over to the good fruit, but they repented and left behind the junk and started to eat the healthy food. They are a picture of true Christianity, that works. 

    The soul will either be ignorant of truth, know the truth but without proper soul response (non-functional faith), or a knowledge of the truth with reckoning and responding to it. When faith functions and goes to work, it believes. That sounds overly simplistic, but is the action of faith. It’s an acknowledgement that we can not do it, He can, and fixing our eyes on Him. The best way to illustrate this is by having a car and not using it, or having clothes and not wearing them. We have faith there, but without the work of faith which is belief, then it will not be used. Faith is a gift from God, and we should use it! 

     Believing can be broken down to five things. The knowing is the first step (Romans 6:3,6,8,16). Then the next is the Reckoning (Romans 6:11, explained above). Presenting or yielding our bodies to God; He alone can keep them (Romans 6:12-14,19). Then Exerting His power to do the thing. Only He can do it. Romans 6:12 tell us not to let sin reign, and that only can not happen by Him! The last one is to Obey. He’s given us the power, now obey (Romans 6:17-18). We don’t have the strength to do it, but we do have His grace and He can do it. Our own strength is like fighting with a feather duster. His strength is the sword of the Spirit. He has given us His sword of the Spirit. Knowing is hearing about the sword. Reckoning is calling upon the sword of the Spirit and believing that the sword will save. Presenting is gripping the sword. Exerting is swinging the sword, and obeying is learning to swing the sword as the Master Swordsmen would swing it. 

     Defining faith even further into the action of believing has really helped me understand this concept. Since I’ve lived looking over at the fruit, but not actually eating it, this messaged was so enlightening. It’s given me hope, because I can not do it, but I know Who can. He’s teaching me to swing that sword and each time, I gain more confidence in the One who gave it to me. He is ever-faithful not to let me continue on in the flesh, but to instead show me how to live in Him and He in me. It’s a beautiful picture of dependency on Him. He does it all, I just believe He can. 

Upside Down Crosses

Upside Down Crosses

     True worship is pouring out the all someone has for the One they worship, Jesus. It is fully desiring and focusing on Him. There are five parts of worship. Beholding and really seeing is number one. We can not settle with just seeing a crack of light and saying that they have seen all of God. There’s so much more, do not settle for less than Himself. Trembling in awe of Him. Denying Self is getting you out of the way. There can be no flesh in the way. Demonstrating true affection. Gladly Suffering which is rejoicing in the exchange. When that exchange happens there’s a lot that comes with it. It is the reasonable act of service. When start getting weepy and start complaining we are basically saying God isn’t enough. He’s already given all of Himself and He’s with us.

     Worship is such an opportunity that we do not deserve. It is an honor because of Who He is. He is worthy! It is no accident that we are here and God had given us everything we need for life and godliness. If someone sees God, they’ll see that everything else grows strangely dim. That if they saw God for who He is they would not be asking if it was worth giving up life for Him. He must be everything. That means that Christian’s should forsake all for Christ’s sake. We fill our pantry with all sorts of things, but we let Him only occupy in a tiny corner at the bottom of the pantry. Everything must be laid on the alter. If someone gives up their life, they really are not losing anything special, and they are gaining all the jewels of Heaven! Do you believe that He will satisfy? Do you believe that He will give everything you need? 

     Christians must forsake individuality instead, embrace an identity in Christ. Their identity is in Christ and He is to be the focus so everything be done is for Him. Christians must forsake their earthly course and embrace His control. We make plans in our life and expect us to do that. We are not necessarily excited about His plans. But who do we want to rule our life? Being able to go whenever He wants and wherever He wants. Do not focus on what you are giving up, but instead focus and Him. He is so much better than anything we have. It’s like a handful of pebbles. Christians must forsake earthly comforts and embrace His comforts. Do we want to be that person that won’t give up something that makes it so He can not use us? God is good and He is not just leading people to get lost somewhere. He is enough! We only see Who He is darkly, but one day, face to face. Don’t we want Him to say “Well done, thou, good and faithful servant.” We’ll all so often choose something we want to do than something He wants.  Christians must forsake reputation and embrace identification with Him. The further you step out in your walk with the Lord, the more people will think, that you have gone off the deep end. Christians do not give it up for their own sake, but rather for God’s sake. “I want to know if the Lord was pleased, not what people thought.” 

     They need to forsake earthly friendships and embrace intimacy with the Most High. What is given up for Him is never a real sacrifice for the joy that comes from knowing Him. Forsake early family and embrace His adoption as sons and daughters. These both do not mean that you’re just like “bye family.” But rather it means that He is first place in the heart. We can’t put reserves on God. It’s wrong to tell God that we’ll serve Him but only if He will allow _ . Are will willing to give up all, or have persecutions? They need to forsake freedom of body and embrace the Intercessor’s Call. Do we stop giving praise to God when tribulations come? Paul and Silas were told to stop preaching Jesus and were thrown into prison. So they praised God.  

     They need to forsake health of the body and embrace the power of suffering. Richard Wurmbrand gave up His body for years and years of torture and his feet were so badly beaten up that he couldn’t even wear shoes afterwards. They need to forsake life, and embrace the martyr’s crown. Does Jesus mean that much to us? That we would give up our life for Him? That we would preach Him! We do not have to wait to bring glory to His name. We can start now. 

     The last thing to forsake is the easiest path to death and embrace the Glory of God Almighty. Do we want His glory? If we aren’t giving our bodies to Him, then it is unreasonable. A life of ease or a life of givenness. The enemy is saying, “You have an opportunity to such a pleasant life, easy life.” Then you have the cross and that is a life of victory and a relationship with God. Siding with Him means siding against the world. Will we take it seriously? Give up and deny self!

     In my relationship with Jesus, am I willing to give up all for Him? Is He my everything? And do I treat Him like the King and Treasure that He is? I can’t stop and take it easy. The world needs to hear about the Lord, and here I am Lord. He’s not going to waste my life, but I might waste my life. Lord, I give up to you, all these things. Please take these from me, as I can not even give them up for you without your power. I will focus on You my King Jesus. All of these things to forsake for Christ! 

Voice of God

Voice of God

     How does someone hear the voice of God? Moses heard the voice of God on a daily basis. Moses was not some special person. He was an ordinary person God decided to use for His glory. We too, can hear God’s voice through His Word and in His character and nature. John 1:1, 14, 16-17 Tells us that Jesus was the Word of God and He came to earth to dwell among us, having His fullness and grace. The law was given by Moses, but grace and truth came by Jesus Christ. 

     This quote from Charles Spurgeon was very powerful on this topic. “God’s word is the soul’s manna and the soul’s water of life. How greatly we ought to prize each word of divine teaching. But, dear brethren, do you not think that many are very neglectful of God’s instructive voice? In the Bible we have precious doctrines, precious promises, precious precepts, and above all a precious Christ, and if a man would really live upon these choice things, he might rejoice with joy unspeakable and full of glory. But how often if the Bible left unread! And so God is not heard. He calls and we give no heed. As for the preaching of the Word when the Holy Spirit is in it, it is the “power of God unto salvation,” and the Lord is pleased by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe; but all believers do not hear the voice of the Lord by his ministers as they should. There is much carping criticism, much boldness of heart, much glorying in man, and a great want of teachableness of spirit, and thus the word is shut out of our hearts. The Lord would fain teach us by his servants, but our ears are dull of hearing...

     Search the Scriptures that no word from the Lord may be inadvertently slighted by you; hear the Word attentively and ponder it in your heart, and daily make this your prayer, “What I know not, teach thou me.” “Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.” Let us strive against prejudice, and never let us dream that we are so wise that we need learn no more. Jesus Christ would have us be teachable as little children and ready to receive with meekness the engrafted word which is able to save our souls. You will have a blessed fellowship with your Lord if you will sit at his feet and receive his words.” 

     I pray that You dear Jesus would soften my heart to hear your voice and that you would prepare it for your glorious gospel and presence. I can’t listen to you on my own strength, so I ask you to do it for me. Give me a love for your Word and let those refreshing Words wash over my soul, in quiet encouragement in You. Engraft your Words deep in my soul, that when the storms of life get high and daunting, I would stand secure in You, my Firm Rock and Salvation. You alone does my heart desire, Jesus. I am in You, and You in me. I wait to hear Your voice, in Jesus name. Amen.

Christendom by A.W. Tozer

Christendom by A.W. Tozer

     Jesus states in John 8:31-59 that the Truth will make people free. The Jews did not like this because in order to be made free that meant they were slaves. They were bristled at this because according to them they were from the seed of Abraham and were not in bondage. They were able to trace their lines back to Abraham, so they thought that since they were in the physical line of Abraham that meant they were in the spiritual line of Abraham. They assumed they were children of Abraham. We do the same thing and assume we are in the spiritual line of the apostles. If we want to be from the same line as the apostles we need to do what they did. The fruit of our lives would match up with their fruit. They had the Holy Spirit ruling and reigning in their life, and were bearing much fruit for the glory of God. Just because we esteem Christianity doesn’t mean we have it. It’s so easy to hear truth and think we’ve got it. That’s hypocritical. Nothing can be done apart from God. If God is living in us, the gospel will be spilling out.

     This message reminds me how easy it is to esteem truth, yet never let Truth reign in my life. It shows me of my ever-growing need of Jesus. His Holy Spirit must rule and reign in my life, or else no good thing will come from it. Am I trying to incorporate the flesh or imitate the world in my life as the Jew who talked with Jesus were? He’s the Truth that will set me free. That’s why He came, so we can have freedom from sin and be reconciled to the Father. Lord, examine my heart, and show me where I am letting flesh creep in and control me. Show me Father, for it is Your will, I desire, but apart from You, I can do nothing. Jesus, may You be in control of every area of my life. In Your hands, I entrust all of me to all of You.