The God who sees ME

The God who sees ME

El Roi is my favorite name of God because it means the God who sees. He sees me. He wants to have a relationship with me and wants to know every detail of me life even though He is KING of the Universe. He is so good to me. He is my Lord and Savior. Nothing shall separate me from His love. He is All that I need and MORE!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014



     Independence is sin in Christianity. It does not work when someone declares their with the mouth faith in Jesus and then try to live it their own strength. That was Old Testament, not new covenant. We are trying to live the Christian life. But He made a way so what it can be lived out through Him. We need to live in dependence of Him. Jesus lives IN us. We need to be filled with the Spirit of God all the time. We pray opposite of how we ought to pray. We pray “help me, Lord,” and that’s dependence on us, but instead it ought to be prayed “I can’t do this, would you do it through me.” It’s an exchange of our life for His. Hudson Taylor lived the exchanged life. He realized that he couldn’t do it and threw himself on Jesus. Then He found that he could do it, but not of himself, of Jesus. Jacking Pullinger lived it to. God became her only resource. He worked through her to save and heal opium addicts. She was dependent on Him though and He lived it out though her. Andrew Murray “He came not to dwell near us, but in us. That we might be filled with His indwelling.” Jesus came to give us pentecost, so He could live in us. 

     We are a slave to something, either sin and the enemy or Jesus and the Spirit. We have the infilling of the Holy Spirit (Colossians 1:26-27). Even Jesus was dependent but  His dependence was on God (Colossians 1:15a). God is invisible, yet He became flesh. [Christ] Who being the brightness of His glory, and the express image of his person (Hebrews 1:3a). 1 Timothy 3:16 says God was manifested in the flesh. If we want to know what the mindset of God, study Jesus. 

     Christ as the Lamp. If they never turn the light on, then they would have missed the purpose. The purpose of the Lamp is to bring light into the house. For a lamp to turn on it needs electricity. The lamp is a conduit to with the electricity to flow through. If I am going to show forth His light, I need to be plugged into Him. Being a Christian should shine forth, the Light. Jesus was plugged into God because He was filled with God. Jesus IS God. Jesus did what He did not because He was God, although He was, but because He was a man filled with God. Someone can give up all they have and still be who they are. In order to become man he had to set aside some of the aspects of God and could still be God. For example, Jesus could not be omnipresent, because He couldn’t be everywhere at once. He wasn’t omnipotent because He did only what the Father told Him to do (John 5:19, John 5:30, John 8:28-32). 

     Abide means sinking down into, to cling, to rest. John 15:1, 4:6 show us about abiding in the vine. The life of the vine comes up to the branch. It does not produce fruit, they bear fruit. If there’s no life source from the vine, they will not bear fruit. We don’t have to struggle or strive to produce fruit. We should cling to Jesus and He will produce fruit in us. There’s no evil intent into throwing out the dead branch. We must allow the resource of the vine to come out. It’s not dependent on me, it’s dependent on Him. If the same Spirit that was in Jesus, it can now be in us. I am not called to live the Christian life by myself, but through the filling of the Holy Spirit. We do not have the power to put power in the lamp, that’s God’s Job. Jesus came as a man and lived it out. He made it possible so we could live it out. It’s not robbery for Jesus to say that He is God because He is. 

     The glove has dreams and wants to do things, but it can not anything. When a glove has a hand inside of it, it can be everything it was designed to be. It can go pick up the Bible, because it has the hand in it. When the life of the glove is resourced by the hand, it will change it’s life. When we quit trying to live the life and instead get resourced by the hand, it is possible. Our job is simply to have love for Him, dependence upon Him, and obedience to Him. That is how it should be, God being God in us. “God so engineered you and me that His presence is indispensable to our humanity, teaching our minds, controlling our emotions, directing our wills, and governing our behavior.“ He moves, we respond. We are given to Him 100%. 

     Faith is dependency. In faith we throw ourselves on Him. We become the glove to which he can wear, we become the stage by which he can perform. If we are living independent of God, it sin. If it’s self-sourced, it’s sin. We could have a very good thing but it will be a sin if we are sourcing it by ourself. Sin is not whether something is good or bad, it’s about source. Greed is always sin, adultery is always sin, because they are always self-sourced. Are we going to live dependent upon God? Our eyes or hands are neither good or bad, but when they are used for a certain thing, it could be bad or good. Someone could be a serial killer or they could be puffed up, either way it’s a byproduct of the flesh. It’s rebellion. We will be mastered by something. So who’s controlling us? If it’s flesh it’s ungodly, If God is then it’s godly. So total dependence on Him is the only way to really live. When the Master is in control, we can truly rest in Him because it’s Him working and not ourselves.

     This message was extremely wonderful. It reminded me once again that I can not do it. He alone can live the Christian life out. I’m just a puny glove. He’s the hand doing all the action. It relieves me to know that I do not have to do it. It relieves a huge burden, I can rest in Him. He’s the Life source! Giving up in the kingdom of God means, gaining life abundantly! He is showing me that I should not depend on anyone but Him. It may even be some good things, but I can not place them higher than Himself. I must be filled with Him; He alone can satisfy. The best news that anyone could ever tell me is that I can not do it... but He can! LIfe abundant is possible through the Life Giver!

Lord, It Was The Woman! A Study In Self-Justification

Lord, It Was The Woman!
A Study in Self-Justification

     From the beginning of time, men have had a tendency to blame their sin on ours. Right back to the garden, Adam blamed it on God and the woman. He did not own up to the fact that he did disobey and rebel against God too. Eve blamed her sin on the serpent. We easy can make excuses for sin as well. We may say something like, it was my parents, it was my sister, it was my buddy at school, it was___. But no matter who did what to us, the law must still be perfected. Often times we will feel condemnation when the law weighs on our soul and we are guilty and have no escape. We often self-justify and excuse the behavior and place blame elsewhere, or seek the solution outside of Jesus Christ. To self-justify we often compare ourselves with others, or say that every bad thing we’ve done, goes to correct a wrong inflicted, or there’s the slick attorney that make up such an excuse that one may walk away thinking they are angels. All three of these are very dangerous, sadly we’ve got this pattern engrained into our heads as an automatic response. 

     Contrasted to condemnation which is hopeless, conviction shows the gravity of sin and need for the Savior, where there is Hope unending! We are responsible for our response to conviction of sin. We can either turn to self-justification (trying to justify in our own strength) or to the Savior (by faith in the work of Jesus). The cross of Jesus is the only way to justify properly, because it goes back to what He did on the cross and His power to take the blame for us and uphold the law. We need to know how much we need the saving, then realize that Jesus did what we could not do, and see Him as the lone Savior, then live under grace. Going to the cross means there is Hope in Jesus, we must stay in this grace giving life with Jesus. Seeing the need leads to faith in Jesus, then conviction, then repentance, then grace and empowerment. The cross is always bringing up upwards in Him, and He gives us the grace to live differently. We must come to the cross for grace, God’s life in us.

     This message fits right in with what I’m learning. In the last few days, I’ve not put Jesus first and I’ve been completely empty and powerless. Little things feel like big things. I don’t want to just “let my hair down” and loose spiritual tightness. I can not “stay” in Jesus in my own strength though, that is why I am coming to Him to find His grace by faith to save me, be in me, I in Him, and the power to stay out of this miry clay. It’s a dangerous place to be where dependence on God grows dim. I must stay in the shadow of Jesus, always pressing upwards to live in Him, and to let Him do it through me. I do mess up, but I come to the cross and He does the work.

Overcoming Sin

Overcoming Sin

     In Christ we are no longer enslaved to sin, and therefore, by His power it can be overcome (Rom 6). Jesus is the key that unlocks that precious door of promise that we are dead to sin, but alive to Christ, sin has no dominion in our life. The “great king” of Assyria is a picture of the greatness of our sin and the control it holds in our lives. He was overwhelmingly rich and powerful and when Hezekiah (king of Israel) was confronted with the great king’s tyranny he buckles and pays tribute to the king. The tribute costs basically all the gold they owned including gold inlays that covered the doors of the temple. Assyria kept advancing until they had gained every area except Jerusalem. They even surrounded and besieged Jerusalem. Finally, Hezekiah comes to his end and turns to God. He comes into the temple and God reassures Him not to be afraid. Then the angel of the Lord went and slew all the enemy. The picture that this gives is amazing! We can not overcome sin in our own strength, only Jesus can. In Christ we have victory, because it’s Him defeating sin. All we have to do is reckon that it’s dead.

     That’s the most beautiful picture of Jesus’ work isn’t it! It’s not striving against sin, it’s Him doing what He does best. He lavishes on us the victory in Him. I have not turn to myself first though, or bargain with the enemy. Do I trust Jesus to do it? Then reckon it so and and watch what God does! He’s the Victor over sin, and we are in Him. He’s defeated sin and it’s dead. It was such an amazing mental picture of how we can have victory over sin. I do not have to strive and struggle because He is doing it... I am not! 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Obsession - Practicing Moment by Moment Intimacy

Practicing Moment by Moment Intimacy

     What if we were to take our relationship with Jesus one step further and literally become obsessed with Jesus. It’s like a guy who is in love with a girl in high school. He’ll lean against the locker and talk to her so close that he’s almost whispering into her ear. Then when it’s time for class he’ll grab her books and lead her by the hand to the classroom and run to his class almost being late. Then afterwards he’ll run and take her to her next class and run back to his almost late. Then after school he’ll drive her home and talk in the drive way for an hour and half, and lead her by the hand to the door. He’ll head home and then call her on the phone and talk for another hour and half, then spruce up and go take her out for a date. Yes, he’s obsessed! She determines every decision he makes. What if I lived so close to Jesus that I was obsessed with Him and ran around close to His side, excited about spending time with Him in each moment.

     Saturation and Obsession are the keys to spending moment by moment with Jesus. Just as an athlete spends all his time focused on one thing, we should be focused on One person. Saturation is meditating on His scripture all throughout the day. And Obsession would be purposefully thinking about Jesus all throughout the day. It’s living in Him and Him in us. I loved the example of learning to do this by picking something that reminds us to think about Jesus. Brother Lawrence explained it perfectly as he shared how his hour praying by the alter should be no different then his time praying while washing up the dishes in the kitchen. 

     I’m not sure if this was my favorite message that Nathan did, but close to it. This is the secret of abiding in the Lord. The glorious news of the gospel is that we can be IN CHRIST. Then the way to cultivate that abiding relationship with Jesus is by saturation and obsession! I’m excited to have had this message because I am definitely missing the obsession of Jesus. I want it, and now I know how to get it, giving up my all and becoming nothing, then seeking Him obsessively while meditating on His Word. How beautiful yet simple!

We will not fear

We Will Not Fear

     Christians can live fearlessly because they have a holds everything in His hands, and controls everything. Fear and anxiety are a result of not believing that God is trustworthy. That is not true, in fact, it is a big lie. When we believe those lies and it causes our walls to have holes just big enough for the enemy to gain footholds in our life. Cowardice will keep up from fulfilling God’s calling. No wonder God tells us so many times not to fear, it’s directly giving ground to the enemy and distrusting God. We must hold our position in Christ and only believe on Him. It’s an act of faith to believe and know that the Fact who is Jesus, is the only Truth and Deliverer. Jesus didn’t drawback from hard situations, neither should we. The world is falling apart, so we need the Perfecter, the Savior. The Word of God is confident and turning to it to believe it, is a choice, but He never fails. 

     How clear an explanation this is! God is control of my days, and nothing can touch me unless He lets it. The root of fear was believing a lie. I wonder if I’ve let this slip in subtlety into my life? Even with being obedient with the next step that Jesus has for me to walk in, am I fearing to walk into this because I distrust Jesus? He’s in control, so why should I feel His best plan? Am I just trusting Him or letting it go, on conditions that “_” doesn’t happen again? Or is my trust and surrender total and complete. He’s faithful, and so worthy of every bit of trust!

The Cave of Adullam

The Cave of Adullam 
Joining the Ranks of the Hunted and the Despised

     The cave of Adullam was the cave that David and his mighty men went to hide from Saul. When they were hidden there and Saul could not find them. It was a cave of rest and refreshment, even though the beds were beds of rocks. David and Saul are a picture of Spirit versus flesh or Jesus versus enemy. When one stand with one, they stand against the other. Saul was in a since Israel’s Goliath, and he was very attractive and strong, so it seems that he would be the one to rule the kingdom. Instead, David was overlooked, had the lowest position of a shepherd, and he was the youngest, but God chose him to become king, and in so doing show His heart through David. Over and over Saul demonstrates his opposition to the Lord by being controlled by fleshly desires. He did not kill the Amalakites because they represent the flesh too, the flesh can not kill the flesh. In the same way, we can not crucify ourselves, or try to remove fleshly or evil things from our own lives. 

     After David is anointed he has the Spirit of God upon him (1 Samuel 16:13) and a swagger or audaciousness in the Lord. Just as Jesus had the 40 day fast before his ministry starts, David was unseen until the 41st day after being anointed when he ran towards Goliath and killed him. Our godly swagger is the same. We are little sheep mocking the wolf pack. We can not do anything by our power or discipline, but it’s sticking close to the Shepherd and Him doing it. We walk in the authority of Jesus Christ and we do not need to fear. Jesus was the Mighty Warrior defeating evil as He crushed the enemy on the cross. He was doing the errand of the Most High and He was Victorious. 

     The cave was a place for David and his mighty men, it was a place of safety and restoration. King David (Jesus) invites us to the cave of Adullam (Himself) to dwell and be kept in Him. He’s promised His protection. He invites us, mets us at the cave, and though unworthy, we are beckoned in and lavished with the presence of the King. He finds a nice spot for us to lie down and stays up watching and singing over us. He makes us mighty and audacious in Him, as we draw closer to Him and get to know Him more and more. We do not base our decisions based on comforts, but on the presence of the Beloved. Secure and safe in His shadow are those who abide in the cave of Adullam. When David’s men hear that he would like a cup of water from the stronghold in Bethlehem, they go out of love for their beloved. They would have only been able to hear his longing if they would have been close to him. In the same way, to understand the heart of Jesus and hear His heartbeat we need to be so close to Him and forsaking all else. His cup of water may be the one little orphan in Africa, it may be a small thing, but nevertheless it’s on His heart. In going on His mission impossibles we are clothed in Him and His strength and it is possible through and in Him.

     The message is almost a love song with Jesus. He is my Beloved. He is inviting me to dwell in Him, to be in His very near presence. I want to be so close to Him, that I hear His heartbeats and hear His secret longing. Only His beautiful presence will satisfy and He is so gracious to protect me and sing over me. When I wake up, His face is smiling radiantly at me, and He directs my steps. He will protect me with His right arm of righteousness. He is the Mighty Man! What a wonderful Beloved I have!

His Beautiful Feet

His Beautiful Feet
The Position of Conquest

     At the feet of Jesus, we find our place. Over and over the feet of Jesus has been a wonderful place of petition, healing, thanksgiving, worship, teaching, a place of refuge for the troubled soul. In the story of Mary and Martha, Mary was sitting at Jesus’ feet when Martha asked Jesus to tell Mary to come help work. Jesus spoke in Mary’s defense and said she had chosen the better place. Mary was always abiding at her Savior’s feet and found it to be the most precious place. She weeping, fell at His feet when Lazarus died and Jesus was moved with sorrow and He wept too. He listened to her and cared deeply for this woman so humbly prostrate at His feet. She also gave up the most expensive thing she had it was the spikenard of oil. A woman would buy more oil as time went on to add to it and then before her wedding she would bathe in it. They would also use it as a fall-back money plan, if they were low on cash, they would sell a bit of the spikenard. It was what she had been putting her faith in, and when she spilled it out on the feet of Jesus she was putting her faith and dependence only on the Savior.

     There was several other examples in scripture illustrating how feet meant authority and other things, but the point is that Jesus clothes our feet with Himself. Faith and trust in Jesus, while humbly abiding at His feet, is the only place for me to be. One lesson that is very valuable to me in going home is dependency on Jesus. I love how it was simple what Mary did. It was a simple abiding at His feet and Jesus poured on her His Spirit and presence. I long to be close to Jesus, laying everything I put my faith in at His feet, and putting my faith and confidence in Him alone. He puts His sandals of peace, which is Himself on my feet. Mary had a humble demeanor as she constant put herself in the low place of dependency at His feet. At His feet, I find my place.

Provision for the Impossible

Provision for the Impossible

     God saw the our need and provided to fill it. The gospel is God providing for the impossible. When God asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac on the alter, God saw the need and provided a substitute sacrifice, a ram. In the same way God provided for the our great need of salvation through Jesus’ sacrifice. But He didn’t stop there, He’s giving us grace to enable us to do the impossible task He’s called us to do. Through His Spirit living in us, He can accomplish His agenda on earth. The biblical pattern of flesh versus the Spirit or first and second born are shown over and over through scripture. The flesh can not do any good thing and always fails, but God through His Spirit always triumphs, that’s the grace in time of need, and it’s made available to us! 

      Such an encouraging message right before going home. It’s so important to remember that it won’t be me doing everything when I get home, it’s going to be God working through me. Only Him and Him alone! Even just little things, I need to be dependent on Jesus. I can’t do it anyways, so why do I keep on trying. It’s by His grace and His enabling Spirit that the impossible can be done! Jesus, keep me near the cross and close to your Shepherd’s ankles. How I need you in every single moment, please Lord, meet my need of You in me. I want to forever abide in You. 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Quotes 2/16

Some quotes from deeper Christian that really touched me.

Do not wait until you enter into temptation to ask for the help of Jesus. But let your life beforehand always be through Jesus. Let His nearness be your one desire. Jesus saves from sin, and to have Jesus is salvation from sin. Oh, that we could rightly understand this! The saving from sin is not an occasional event … When Jesus fills me, when Jesus is all for me, sin has no hold on me.

– Andrew Murray –

The greater perfection a soul aspires after, the more dependent it is upon divine grace.

– Brother Lawrence –

A sinning man stops praying. A praying man stops sinning.

- Leonard Ravenhill -

Saturday, February 15, 2014

"Jubilee" - Art Notes

I got this card from my grandma several months back, and am (I know this is horrible) just now replying to it. Anyways, it's from Art Notes and the front has a ballet dancer with the verse "the joy of the Lord is my strength." On the back this is what is says,


"In the Old Testament, God called his people to a celebration known as the "Year of Jubilee." In the fiftieth year every slave was freed, all debts cancelled, property was retuned to its original owner, and the land was given a rest. God spoke through Moses saying, "It shall be a time of Jubilation." -Leviticus 25. What a wonderful word, a great word, to express the joy which comes from being a recipient of the generous love and grace of God. In the sacrificial work of the the cross of Jesus Christ...
...our slavery to sin has been ended.
...our debts have been cancelled.
we become restored to our original owner as adopted children of God.
...and we can enter the rest of God from our own works.
It is He alone that can set us free. - John 8:32. Truly, Jesus is our Jubilee. Not for a season, but for eternity. Reason for Jubilation!!!"

Just thought this was very good and insightful! Touched my heart with the fresh remembering of what He's done!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

God's Love - Corrie Ten Boom

God’s Love 
Corrie Ten Boom

     The message we listened to by Corrie Ten Boom was packed with rich truths that she and her sister learned during their time in the concentration camps. One quote that is famous but sums the message up went something like, “Even in the deepest pit, God’s love is deeper still.” Also, “God’s love is deeper than man’s deepest hate.” She boldly proclaims “it works!” She of all people should have the had a reason to hate and not forgive. But though she struggled through forgiveness, God showed her how to obey Him and forgive. Not by mustering up the forgiveness in her own strength, but by simply letting God forgive through her. She could not do it, but He could. She said that when one of the guards came up to her after a speech she had given, he told her that he had become a Christian and he know that God had forgiven him for all the cruel things he did, but he wanted to ask her personally. She in that instant, could not do it, but she extended her hand and He forgave through her and a warm tingly feeling went up her arm as she shook his hand. God’s love reached out through her and forgave.

     What an inspiring message! She exampled letting God do the work in a through her. It was the Holy Spirit doing the work through her. I long to let Him do it in every instance, whether in forgiving or loving or simply being kind, I can not do any of it, only He can. But He if faithful so when I ask, He comes and does it through me. His love is much deeper than mine, I can only love partly, but He can love completely. He’s faithful, when I’m not. What an amazing God I serve that His love reaches even into the lowest place. He knows what is best and can give me grace for my times of need. 

Ten Resolution of Many Honor

Ten Resolution of Many Honor

     Resolution means “Having a fixed purpose; determined; hence, bold; firm; steady; constant in pursuing that purpose. It is single-mindedness, tenacity, stamina, grit, endurance.” Christians ought to have resolutions of honor, but not as the world’s resolutions that last hardly a 2 weeks to a month. Rather, it’s the godly type that is the Holy Spirit enabling us to live out the victorious Christian life. It would be easy to swing to the the side of we can’t do it, so we’ll call it legalism and not do anything. Neither liberalism or legalism are correct. Paul even resolved to forget the things that were behind and reach forward to the things which were before and press forward to the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus (Philippians 3:12-14). So we to can make resolutions in Christ that would bring glory to Him and know that He’s the One doing it through us and not ourselves. Glory be His Name.

     It’s really interesting to compare the world’s and God’s resolutions. I’ve tried for so many years to keep things in my own strength, but I keep coming up short, almost never being able to keep it up. Through my time at Ellerslie, the secret has been revealed to me. Christ working through us makes all things possible! Yes, I’ve said that a thousand times, but I just can’t get the good news out of my head. I don’t have to struggle or strive any longer. I can ask for His help and know that He will always come through in His timing. And He loves to do it through us, so it’s actually not a bother, it glorifies Him!

Life as a Grape

Life as a Grape

     Believers are like grapes, to bring forth luscious fruit juice they are crushed and squeezed. One they are squeezed the skins from a skin cake, and by far, that is not the best part of a grape. In the same way, our earthly bodies are not the fruit, but rather what is squeezed out through tribulation and suffering. Believers are not just like the grape, but also are compared to the vessel that is catching the juice of the wine press, because they fill up with Jesus’ wine that He spilled out in abundance. They are filled up so that they may be crushed and poured out for His cup. Communion is symbolized with wine and bread. The grape is crushed and the wheat grain dies. Either way, it’s dying to self, and letting go of the life we try so hard to preserve, is what brings glory to the King of Kings.

     This spells it out so clearly. I am nothing and He everything. To reach my purpose I need to let Jesus squeeze me into His cup. That’s why I was created, to bring glory to Him. It is an honor to suffer for Him, because it no longer means “day of suffering,” but “day of great grace.” It’s not going to glorify Him very much if I sit on the vine all the time and just ripen up, then shrivel up and die. But rather be plucked at fullest ripeness to be squeeze for His cup! This changes my perspective and gives me joy in being crushed for Him!

As in the Ancient of Days

As in the Ancient of Days

     What did they have in days of old? They had the power of God through prayer. They would pray for something and it would come to pass. What was their secret to this type of prayer? Several things were involved in their type of prayer, one being wrestling prayer. They would persistently pray until they got that prayer. They had confidence in this because they prayed according to what the Lord lays out in His Word. They would pray God prayers, they would pray in faith, pray in purity, and pray with persistence. The classic example was the four men who carried the man sick of the palsy on their shoulder and did not stop at anything until he got to the feet of Jesus. They had to break up the roof of the place, but even at that, it did not stop them in getting him to the feet of Jesus!

     What an inspiring picture of prayer!!! I’ll take that! God actually delights in it when we persistently knocks at the door of prayer because it shows Him that we are really dependent on Him to answer. It’s a test of faith when He doesn’t answer right away. But when we pray according to His will, then He WILL answer! I’m exciting about wrestling prayer. There’s an actually confidence in prayer now. I can pray knowing my God will answer and be faithful to hear! If I listen to His heart He will show me what His prayers are and undoubtedly He WILL answer! It’s so encouraging to know this is MY God. The God who delights when I am dependent on Him and don’t stop knocking till He comes to the door. No matter how many layers I must dig through, I will in Jesus, for Jesus, and by Jesus!!! Knowing that it is His delight to answer and be near unto us, and mine to be near Him and to lift to Him what I know He will answer!

The Christian Thought Life

The Christian Thought Life

     The Christian thought life must be an inward reality that flows outward. What one focuses on is very important. We may think no one knows our thoughts, but God does know. Our natural mind will doubt, think on evil things, oppose God, be selfish, prideful, invent new ways of doing evil, because it is focused on self and how to please the flesh (Mark 7:21-23). But God has made a way so we could have victory in our thoughts. The Bible tells us to renew our minds (Roman 12:2b) and that can only be done if we think of things that are excellent, that wash and refresh our minds. Jesus is what life is about, and focusing on Him will produce a selfless demeanor. That is the very nature of Christ, and the list of things to think on in Philippians 4:8-9 really picture Christ in each aspect. We must empty us of ourselves and then ask Christ to come in and radically change every thought, and that is true victory!

     Yet another amazing message that brings it to a deeper level. Not just are my actions to be pure and Christ-like, but every thought! The heart is directly related to the thoughts, so thoughts pure, heart pure, then actions will show that. This purity of thought in my life can only come as I die to myself, and have the mind of Christ, while thinking on Him. It’s so important for me to be wary and watchful of every thought, as I have not kept them in check, whatever tends to slip in and attack. But in Christ, I have the power to not think wrong thoughts, and instead be fully absorbed in Christ and who He is. Again, Him working and not me.

Made Excellent for Marriage

Made Excellent for Marriage

     To be made excellent for marriage, we must be trained by God in the small areas of life. What if we treated each area like our future spouse was with us, would we still act the way we do? There must maintain a balance in the freedom we do have in Christ and showing respect and deference to those around us. Paul in 1 Corinthians 8 addresses this area of having freedom in Christ, but yet showing deference to others in areas that might be a stumbling block for someone else. They were abusing the freedom that they had in Christ. For example, women have freedom in Christ to not wear a head covering, but in the context of the book, church, and age, it would would have shamed her husband because back then only prostitutes did not wear the head covering. Although she has freedom in Christ not to wear it, she would chose to respect her husband and wear it. We have the same delicate balance in our lives. Liberty leveraged fleshly is sin. In Christ, should demonstrate that we are in Christ. Love is the most important way to balance this out. Love does not think of it’s own interests. It’s rising up to be an person of honor, which is evidence of us being in Christ and Christ being in us. The behavior of God on earth! Love practical in action is heroism. That’s taking the bullet for someone. Being in the low position! 

     This message was deeply convicting because it’s pointing at the more small areas of my life and saying, “ah, that’s not exactly Christ-like and honoring.” It can be from how much time use on getting ready in the morning to how I treat my family. But each one is training me to how I will treat my future husband and family. If I don’t start taking small steps in becoming more honoring to those around me, more selfless and heroic, then how will I except to do it in the future? I pray that God molds me and trains me to be more In Christ, leveraging my liberty in Him, in love and respect.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Corrie Ten Boom quote

Look unto Jesus. So often people say to me, “Oh but Corrie, you have such a great faith.” But I have not a great faith. I have a small faith, but it is a faith in a great God. And it is not written in the Bible, “Let us look unto faith.” In Hebrews 12 it says, “Let us look unto Jesus, the Author and the Finisher of our faith.” Look around, and be distressed. Look within, and be depressed. Look at Jesus, and be at rest.
– Corrie ten Boom –