The God who sees ME

The God who sees ME

El Roi is my favorite name of God because it means the God who sees. He sees me. He wants to have a relationship with me and wants to know every detail of me life even though He is KING of the Universe. He is so good to me. He is my Lord and Savior. Nothing shall separate me from His love. He is All that I need and MORE!

Monday, April 14, 2014


Set-apart for His Glory

     The very fact that sold-out Christians look different puts pressure in the world’s lives. People either agree with what they are saying or they have to get rid of them. It’s been the pattern for many generations. Solyma is the bride and the groom rejoices over His bride. As we draw near to His presence, nothing impure can not stand before Him. Not even one little impure thought. One little sin can send us to hell. We are full of junk. Yes, by His blood He has clothed us in His righteousness’ but any junk that remains in our life will be a problem. Christians must count the cost before they come in to this set-apart life because removing what is ungodly may be extremely unpleasant. By His blood He will touch their unclean lips and purge their sin. Every area Christians consecrate to God, it is just for Him. It’s a “yes” before even hearing what He wants done. Sometimes God will ask them to do hard things, like speak when they don’t want to or not speaking when they do want to. Whatever God says goes. Predetermine that you’ll say yes. All my strength belongs to Him, all where I go belongs to Him. Just as the priests consecrated the “right side” of their body to God, Christians spiritually consecrate their strength, direction, their all to Him. 

     Christians have access to the Most Holy Place, the Jews had such a trembling for that most sacred place. But we have our bodies sprinkled with His blood and can come boldly. The veil was scarlet, blue, and purple, which are bruise colors. The presence of God makes one see the junk and say we are so unholy and unworthy. If passing a police officer going over the speed limit causes a huge heart leap, how much more in the presence of God.

     Fear the Lord. Only fear One and tremble before Him. If people tremble before Him, there will be no trembling before others. One would think that if Believers feared Him it would cause them to back up and go away from Him. That’s not true. Even as parents and children, the child trusts the parents. The child draws near because it knows the nature of the parent. The same way it causes us to draw near to Him and say, “Jesus I need you.” He knew that the only way to have right relationship with parent is to run to them and get the punishment. Do not run from God. God wanted the relationship with the people, not necessarily Moses. They should have seen the holiness of God and then longed to climb that mountain. 

     There’s six questions to ask ourselves. If He convicts run to Him not way from Him. Is there anything in my private life I would hesitate to make known here today for the shame it would bring my name? Is there anything in my private life I would hesitate to make known today for the shame it would bring His name? Do I live my private moments carelessly or circumspectly? Do I speak the Gospel in private with my life, my actions, and my purity? -Would they see Jesus in my thought life? A Christian has the life of Christ within. Allow the Living God to radically change my soul so that what is coming out is Jesus. David Livingston went to Africa and a reporter spent a few week with him in order to write about him. When he got back people asked him about David and this is what he said, “He showed me Jesus. And had I been there a moment longer I would have been compelled to become a Christian, although he never spoke a word.”

     Would the world have anything to hold over me? Daniel was a great example of this because there was nothing hidden, the only thing they had against him was that he would pray to God three times a day. The government is now recording everything you are looking at online. Could they hold that over you? Would that dishonor Him?

     Is my private life with God different than my public life with God? When a family gets ready for church and they bicker then when they get out they are acting perfectly. If someone could poke their head in and see you life. Are you living consistently?
As Christians we should have the most reverence because we are the temple of the Living God. We live our lives so flippant, but His perfect righteousness lives within us, so it ought to reflect Him. Jesus is zealous for us as His temple, just as He was when he drove out the money changers and turned over the tables. We are called to be different, holy, other than the world around us. 

     How would we have known sin, except by the law? The law is good, but it cannot bring us into the reality of what we need to be. We are not bound to law, but bound to grace. It’s been fulfilled of the law. It brought us to Jesus. By being in Jesus, we are being brought into a even higher law. The ten commandments are a picture of God. We should want to do those things because we are always showing others who He is. 

     To enter into the Holy of Holies, we must be we must let His holiness purify us. In song of Solomon, the bride is described as clothed in gold, and smelling like frankincense and myrrh. That is a picture of the Holy of Holies. The reality is that I need Grace and I need Jesus. 

     This message goes very well with Solyma because it’s honing it down to an even deeper refinement of Him in my life. What is He calling me to give up so that I can be closer to His presence? As I process this message I am going to be seeking Him to show me what he wants me to give up to Him. “Psalms 19:14: Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.” All about Him, and less about me. More of my Redeemer, who is Holy and Just!