The God who sees ME

The God who sees ME

El Roi is my favorite name of God because it means the God who sees. He sees me. He wants to have a relationship with me and wants to know every detail of me life even though He is KING of the Universe. He is so good to me. He is my Lord and Savior. Nothing shall separate me from His love. He is All that I need and MORE!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

"What About My Choice" Poster

Choices are always defined by the person making them. They can be for the good, or they can be for the bad. In this picture the audience is questioned by an unborn baby, "What about my choice?" Media and society place a lot of emphasis on the mother, who has the right to choose if she would like to deliver the baby or terminate. This poster suggests that the baby also must be taken into consideration when making the choice. This poster is to get an audience thinking of the flip-side of the situation. The little hands of the baby can be seen inside the mother's womb, trying to get the attention of the audience. A baby is something that is innocent and vulnerable, unable to take care of itself. The Human Life Alliance website from which I found this poster states, "We promote awareness of the inherent dignity and personhood of human life, born and reborn, without exception or compromise." This poster supports this goal, as the unborn baby is given the microphone, and treated as a real live human being. 
"What About My Choice Poster" Human Life Alliance. Web. 23 December 2015.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Polish Cuisine - My heritage!

Colleen Jordan and Kimberly Krause

Professor Joan Bruckwicki
ENGL 1301.I01
December 17, 2015
Polish Cuisine
Many people have tried various ethnic foods from around the world, but one that frequently is overlooked and forgotten about is Polish food. Poland has a long history in Eastern Europe, and with that comes a very delicious and plentiful culinary history.  Polish food consists of various meats, especially chicken and pork, assorted vegetables, many spices, and different types of noodles. The citizens of the country enjoy spending time with their family and friends over meals meticulously prepared for many hours, sometimes days.
Cabbage rolls are one of the most popular dishes in Polish cuisine. The filling is made with ground beef, rice, garlic, and tomatoes cooked and mixed. The cabbage leaves have to be a precise shape and size. It is best to look for the biggest head of cabbage, but not too big as it needs to fit in a huge pot to boil. Then as each leaf boils and softens, it is carefully pulled off and prepared to stuff. Each roll is wrapped by hand and then layered in a huge roaster pan to bake in the oven. Cabbage rolls could be seen as poor man’s food, but to some, they mean comfort and love of a family.
Another favorite dish often requested by connoisseurs of Polish food are pierogies, which can be prepared in many different fashions. A pierogi is a dumpling that is filled with meat, vegetable or sweet filling that is covered by dough. A typical mixture is a mashed potato that is mixed with cheese, and then fried in a butter sauce and topped with bacon. Pierogies are popular in Polish culture due to the wide variety of ways to serve the meal, which could be based on the season of the year or what is available to the chef.
Polish desserts are very delicious sweet pastries such as kolache pastries or angel wings. Kolaches, which have grown in popularity in the United States as well, are made of pastry dough filled with some decadent jam of different flavors and sprinkled with powdered sugar to garnish. Angel wings do live up to their name, as they are light and fluffy in texture, and pleasantly and subtly sweet. The Polish make them by frying strips of pastry dough and sprinkling them with powdered sugar. Different in texture, but the taste is similar to the American cruller donut.

Anyone can love Polish cuisine. There is a vast array of meals that can cater to anyone’s appetite. The Polish diet satisfies a person’s savory or sweet tooth, with multiple dishes incorporating meats, vegetables, fruits, loaves of breads, and sweets. Along with a variety of dishes, they cook with many styles, such as frying, stewing, fermenting, and baking. Even though the food is delicious and the ingredients are excellent, the camaraderie, chatter, and laughter can be heard in every kitchen. The food of Poland is something that everyone should try and enjoy at least once!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Central America Summer 2015

So the update you all have been waiting for! Oh goodness, how do I summarize a whole month of active ministry into a one or a few updates...

First off, I just want to praise my Lord and Savior for His faithfulness, and His working.
Over and over again, He was showing me that it's all Him. He fills us, works through us, speaks through us, prays through us, and convicts people of sin, opens their eyes to their need of a Savior, and saves the person. If we get a sneak peak into what He's doing it's only by His mercy that He chooses to use us in His work. Our only job is to completely surrender ourselves to Him, and be that willing vessel. We plant the seeds and He brings the increase!

The picture above is a worship service we attended at a widow's house. She has been through so much, please pray for her and her family. The services we attended over there were always so precious, and a huge encouragement to me. You know, you strip everything away, leaving only family and God, and truly the whole materialist ideas melt away. I love how they worship God with hands raised, not looking around, but focused on worshipping their creator.

My mom thought of this idea to bring a roll of freezer paper and watercolors. The kids loved it, and they kept unrolling and unrolling the paper to make new coloring stations. We did this at the gang village. Please pray for these kids as killing and violence and destructive homes are all they have ever known. It's very ingrained. But we know that God's love can and will break though.

My special friend from December I got to see again. We were at a church service at a local church member's house.

We got to share with the catholic school! Praise God!

Mis amigas! Haha! Sure do miss these girls. Such encouragers and godly sisters in Christ. We shared good and bad times together! I was so happy to find out that Sandy was going on this trip, since I hadn't seen her in forever. She and Rachel were my best friends on this trip. And both have such a heart to love and serve. I loved my long talks with Rachel and many many times laughing over the joys of reaching out to people that you want so desperately to know and love, but sometimes makes for awkward moments, or the very sweetest of moments! Sandy and I loved to translate together if we could. Both having to stretch our abilities, but both having the other to rely on. I loved watching this young lady serve with meekness and love. 

This is a very specially baby. This is the baby of a dear dear friend's daughter. :) She has an incredible story and truly it's a miracle baby. 

Holland! I can't tell everyone, how thankful I was to have my accountability partner be Holland. We had such good times talking, and praying together. It was awesome to know I had someone I could really rely on. Such a mature young lady. I'm so excited to see what God has for her life!

My little girl Cecia. It made my day to spend time with her again!

So thankful for Mayda and how God gave me another chance to see her and talk to her. 

So some videos too to see more what all we did. :) God be praised!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Rodeo in Texas

I wanted to repost the picture that Joy and I took at the Rodeo last week in Texas! Oh my goodness. It was sooo cool. We have never seen so many people in Cowboy hats and boots. And man, them women got style in Texas! It was a huge rodeo with a lot of contents from all over. They had a nice balance of kid events and the traditional rodeo events like bull riding, and bucking horses. They had a comedian too, he was hilarious. So much fun. Anyways, just wanted to share this picture!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


This year, the Lord has really opened my heart to the idea of becoming a Sonographer. I am a firm believer of life at conception, and the well being for mothers as well. My heart's desire is to be able to show women of all backgrounds their unborn babies. I would love to help them make that connection even before the baby is born. In that way show love to the women, who many times are in a very unstable condition, hurting, and confused about life. Be able to give a woman a chance to see her baby, is an incredible experience. I am starting to understudy under an Ultrasound technician in the area, and I got to observe a few ultrasound appointments. I saw the couples eyes light up, when they saw the gender of their baby. Or another lady who started to try when she saw her baby. It was incredibly special. To give this gift to women, especially ones who are undecided about their pregnancy, would be an absolute joy and pleasure to know you touched, not only one life, but two.

Any area of the Ultrasound world would be a worthy pursuit, as not matter what you are doing, whether looking at a baby, or checking for blot clots in the legs of the elderly, you would be showing love and ministering to physical needs. I also believe it would a great transition into other medical opportunities, such as nursing. I would like to achieve my goal of being an ultrasound technician before I begin pursuing other paths, but in the long run, the medical field has many possibilities.

One of my most significant challenges has been in the learning of the Spanish language. I am in the process of learning, but I have been to foreign countries for seven weeks. I have spent a lot of time studies and pursuing it. In every stage of life I am in, I see the value of working hard to accomplish goal in life. For me, I don't want to just speak, but also understand and embrace the culture. I was asked to be a translator for a trip to Central America. I went, but I did not know the struggle it would be as the dialect was very different from what I had learned. I would say that was one of the most challenging, but rewarding trips I have been in. I saw the Lord take my complete insufficiently and He would gain the glory. Many times, I didn't really know how to translate something, but God helped me through, and some how I would manage with something, even though it was choppy and halted. The pursuit of learning this language has taught me much more than the words to the language, but rather, a greater dependency on God, and that's one of the most valuable things to learn. As I go through other challenges, I can remember how He gave me strength that I wouldn't have had on my own, and how He will do that again, no matter the challenge. I can see the power of working hard, and applying myself, and trusting that He will give the grace needed to do whatever it is well.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Desperation for the Holy One

Something is burning in my heart this morning. That is desperation.  
Desperate for God
A week and a half ago, I felt desperate. Somehow I always come back to the same problem. I stop believing and letting the meditation of His Word change my life. I get self-focused coming to Him for  me to "feel good" about my self. I'm taking my filthy rags, and by Bible reading and prayer trying to force God into thinking I'm a good Christian. I came to Him in that desperation.  And He reminded me in 1 John 3:23 that my first job is to simply believe in Jesus Christ. Just believe. Slow down my thoughts, and open up my heart to hear from Him, and believe in Him, and know that He is God.

He has been showing me that He wants to see me desperate to really know Him. Am I willing to come before Him honestly everyday and really just take the time to seek Him out?

Look at who Jesus touched... He always touched those who came in desperation for Him with faith.
Faith is that action of belief. When Jesus healed the nobleman's son (John 4),  the man came in desperation to Jesus, and in verse 50, it says that the man believed the word Jesus had spoken.

I was praying this morning that I would come to Him like the woman at the well and be filled and satisfied with His water. When I'm dry and have becoming careless and unconcerned about Him, I easily believe lies. And stop believing the Truth. The woman at the well came to Jesus with an empty water pitcher. John 4 shows how when the woman is talking with Jesus, she catches that vision of hope, and after she is touched by Jesus, she runs excitedly to tell others. Isn't that what we should be like on a daily basis? Filled to overflow with His presence and with His joy, and out of that the telling to others becomes so natural and so motivated by the One you know.

I want to come in my complete helplessness to Him today, truly seek Him for Himself, and be filled like she was filled, so that she ran joyfully into this world. That's where the revival starts, in our hearts before Him. He doesn't want our lazy half efforts. He wants a pure heart that sees the need for the only One who can help. Just getting back to the simplicity of humbling ourselves before Him, and truly waiting there in faith and belief in Him and His work. It cannot be worked up in our own strength. I want to come through the door (John 10:9) and find good pasture. I want to come and be restored in my soul and refreshed by knowing him (Ps 23).  What's the most beautiful thing is that He is waiting with open arms. Of course He wants this for us. It's not that He's upset that we failed and failed and finally need Him. No, He created us to need Him and to desire Him, like a baby the momma milk. So when we come to Him, and admit our need for Him, He delights in that. And He was working by His Spirit to even make us realize our need for Him. He does the work both behind the scenes and openly. He is always the prodigal's father, welcoming him home in open arms.

Let us stir up that fresh need of Him. And then truly be still before Him to know Him, and to behold His presence. Then we can rise in faith having His fire in our souls.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Highlights from some really awesome sermons 2

Approaching God
-Pure worship- Don't settle for a lesser God
Charles Finey- He started the prayer of faith. He adjusted the Biblical view to fit his own beliefs. He tried to say that it was unjust of God to say that people had to turn away from sin and turn to Christ, unless they could do it in themselves.

If you warp how BIG God is, then you warp the full grandeur of His power.

God back to the foundation of who God is.
1. What is idolatry?
Could be Greed, Coveting, Lust
2. How does show up in the church?
3. What are the costs?

     1. Idols come in many forms - in name and subtle form
               Adjusting God
     2. Things that promise what God alone gives
-In order to say yes to the idol you have to say no to God.
     3. Idols are maintaining a self-focused religion that's easy.
-Jesus can not be centered around you.
     4. Take form of cultural god's. Entertainment
     5. They always come in when you cease to worship God.
-If you stop worshipping God, you don't worship nothing.
-Practical atheism is where you believe God is, but don't live like He is.
-How are you practical choices reflecting the God you serve?
-Are we taking the majestic view of God and getting distracted and dumbing down that view?
-God does not accept the offerings to the other idol.
Cain and Abel what does our sacrifice look like? Our worship. Isaiah 1:12-15, Malachi 1:10
-How can you talk to a God you don't know?
-How do you believe in a God you don't know?
-Is the music in church just creating a mood?
Do not allow me to embrace an idol and call it Christ.
-Are we worshipping ourself? Humanism.
We are trying to tell/present to the world that God is with us.
-The tragedy of our day is that God is not with us, and they know that.
- Christianity is about God.
Our first calling is to know God.
-We know that when we worship God how He deserves, we will find that He is drawing near to us.

Life update May-June 2015

Hey everyone! So I need to update everyone on my crazy life!

So last time I wrote an update I had been in Texas for a few weeks... Our home in Texas has been such a home of rest. It's absolutely beautiful. It has literally everything that our family needs. We have a huge living room with two sliding glass doors and plenty of fresh air when we want it. Mom has already hung up her homemade quilt and her pottery on the shelf. I have a piano. Dad has a comfy chair and we have our TV too. My room is lovely with light colors and big windows. The boys painted rooms in our house before we got there, so it was ready to move in. Oh and mine is lovely, truly inspiring. I love sitting in their with so much sunlight and being able to work on things at my desk or bed. The only funny part about all our "big windows" is sometimes we feel like we live in a fish bowl. Our neighbors our so friendly, and love the community. They will often be walking in the evenings. The funniest thing that happened was one day I was running a little late for church, and I was doing my dresser doing my hair or makeup, when I looked out the window and saw a bunch of Alert guys walking by on the way to church. I yelled in alarm and ran out of my room. HAHA.

So before I went to Mexico, I felt the Lord was opening the door for me to start something long term for my life. Honestly, we've lived a very "mobile" lifestyle for several years, so just the idea of "committing" long term, actually feels a little constrictive. I know, I'm weird... Well, I was thinking Linguist, or Ultasound Tech. So I was going to be praying to see what God wanted me to do. While I was in Mexico I met a friend who told me his experience doing linguistics, and I thought, no that's not for me. Sitting in a class room doing through the little details of a language would not be my style, I'd rather be learning with actively being with the Spanish speaking people. So when I got back from Mexico, Mom and I started visiting some local colleges to see about their Sonography program. We found one and started working through the steps to be able to go to college in the fall. I've seen God really confirm this step in my life! Like, I've found a Pregnancy Resource Center that I will be able to volunteer at and get experience working with the ladies, hispanics, and with the Ultrasound tech. The center is right near the college too! 

Please pray for me, as this summer I'm going back to El Salvador and Honduras! I'll be there for a month in July. I'm so looking forward to it, but I know my great need for Jesus to live through me. I can not do it in my own strength!

Hope you all are doing well! God is working so much here in my life!

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Highlights from some really awesome sermons 1

I wanted to share some of the highlights from some really powerful good sermons that I've been hearing at campus fellowship.

2 Corinthians 10:1-6
-There's a battle within us, and we need to make sure the Lord is getting the victory over the flesh.
-Warefare is in the Spiritual sense
-The weapons are mighty in God
-Our victory is not in ourself
-Biggest stronghold that Satan has got is in our minds.
-Knowing has to be coupled with faith
-The battles all start from the mind
What is a stronghold?
Mindset impregnated with hopelessness
Depressed: stronghold and hopelessness
-We should be living in victory.
-Mental habit patterns that are not with God's words are also a stronghold.
-The world, flesh and devil are what wars against us.
-It takes 2 years for new thought patterns to develop
-If what you believe does not reflect truth, your behavior and feelings won't either.
-Get down to the root of the problem. Renew mind. Root out, pull down, and destroy things you don't want to grow, and then replant the good stuff. Build and replace with something new. Verse 5 talks about us dealing with it. We need to cast out things apart from the knowledge of God.

-STUDY WHO JESUS IS. Develop new thoughts though patterns. 

Who are we in Christ
John 1:12- God's childen
Romans 5:1
1 Cor 12:27- Member of the body of CHrsit
Col 3:1-4
Phil 3:20
1 John 5:18
1 Cor 3:16
Eph 2:6
Eph 2:20
Ephil 4:14
Phil 4:13
Eph 6:15

My testimony shared a different way

So I wrote out a different way of sharing my testimony. This made my day as I looked up verses, and dived into the rich Truth of His redemptive power!

"When I became a Christian, I was lost in sin and I served the flesh. I was completely sold in bondage (Romans 3:23 and Romans 5:16). One thing I know is how I ran from God. I was indifferent to Him or His work on the cross. I was pretty young, but I was definitely running my own course away from God (Eph. 2:2-3). The Bible says that while I was a sinner Christ died for me (Romans 5:8). In Ephesians 2:4-5, it talks about how God saw the helplessness of the world and the sinfulness and He know that in order to save them from their sin, He had to pay the price (Col. 2:12-15). It talks about His great love. For God so loved (John 3:16). He saw me on my way to Hell apart from Him, and that's where He stepped in to save me. He ransomed me with His precious blood (1 Peter 1:19, 1 John 1:7). He took my place and bore the wrath of God. I can hardly fathom what He did. It says that He chose me and predestined me (Eph 1). And because of His death I'm adopted into His family. It says before we were far from God, but are brought near by the blood of Christ (Eph 2:13). It says He destroyed the enemy through His death, and we could be reconciled unto the Father (Eph 1:15-16). Because of this I am free in Him. The power of the flesh and of sin have no more hold on me. All I have to do is believe that His death was sufficient for my sins, and that through His burial and resurrection I am a new creature in Christ (2 Cor 5:17). And oddly enough, He has chosen me to share this hope found in Christ. He has put His Spirit within me to live in and through me. It says I am His ambassador (2 Cor 5:20, 1 Cor 4:3-7). I must let the glorious light of the gospel shine out into everyone's life. He has promised to be with me, giving me the power and the grace to speak boldly through me. I now have new life in Him and am a living testimony of His saving power."

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Maxwell's Mexico video

Hey there! So I wanted to post Maxwell's video he made of our time in Mexico! I'm so grateful he put  this together. It's really cool and it shows really well how everything went! Enjoy!

Friday, April 17, 2015

Life update plus more about Mexico

Hello Everyone,

So I wanted to write an update and let you all know how my last few weeks in Mexico went and how the trip home went. And of course the biggest question of all….. Where am I now?

As we were coming to the end of our time in Mexico, I had been doing a lot of reflecting on our time there and what I had learned. One thing that was very helpful to find out was how key learning the culture was. Language is only one part, albeit a helpful part, of communication. Culture makes up another huge part. Sometimes just relating with people who have never left their village, and live in primitive conditions their whole life was the biggest challenge. That’s where understanding their culture was so helpful. On the last week we lived in a wood house out in the village. It actually was not in the jungle, and only about 45 minutes from the city. We piled all our supplies and food, plus our team, Rachel, Mr. Ron, and his son in the vehicle and headed out to the village. We were almost there when we met a couple waiting at the entrance of the village. They had a stack of corn, chickens, and other supplies. We offered to give them a ride and squeezed them in with us. Ashley and John squashed in the back seat that was already half filled with backpacks. She had some of those bags piled on her lap, and only her eyes were peeking out. I sat on Rachel’s lap, and Ron’s son on Max’s lap. Then the sack of corn, then the Mexican man and the woman sat upfront. That was the start of our crazy adventure. We kept saying, “You know you’re in Mexico if…there’s always room for one more!”

One family graciously let us stay in the wood house that their extended family had moved out of. It was a 3 room house with two beds and 1/4’’ - 1/2’’ slots between all the wall boards. And because we weren’t in the jungle… this little town was actually quite cold. We were bundled up the whole week. They had a separate little house that was the kitchen. And an outhouse out back. It was excited from the moment we arrived to think we could go and get to know all the people in the village and just go visiting and practicing all the Spanish we wanted. They even had a few little stores that were in the village. Something like a house with a room full of stuff to sell. It’s amazing how many little treasures you could find in those little stores. Rachel and I bought guacamole ingredients several times. 

Another thing about the culture is family is very important. It’s such a beautiful thing to see actually as the family had a huge property the sons marry, bring their wives back and build their houses on the land possibly right next door to their parents. Our neighbors were Jehovah’s Witnesses and they had all the family right there. One of the daughter-in-laws was Christian and we got to know her and her mother-in-law as Rachel and I went over and visited with them several times. 

We worked a lot with a family that was basically like host family. The husband and his son and other relative came over to move the old outhouse over the new whole for us, and replace some of the wood, and build a seat. Then the wife came over and swept and cleaned the kitchen for us. Very loving and giving family. They also helped us get everyone together to have our children’s events and English class. Pretty much every day we had a children's event. So special every time to build sweet relationships with the precious kids. I had fun pulling little gifts from my suitcase out at different times and giving them. There was a pair of brothers that looked like twins, but weren't that came and hung out with us about every day. They were super precious. 

It was so special also to visit family’s with special needs and pray and sing for them. We went one night to a family that had an older son that was bedridden because of seizures. The parents were on the older side and I still don’t know how they really take care of him. There aren’t really a lot of resources other than his bed and blankets and pillows. He had an attack while we were there, and it’s was pretty intense, but then he relaxed finally. The mother prayed so fervently. I remember hearing her pray something like, “Lord, you know how hard this is, and how it’s so heavy, and I can not bear this burden.” 

Another day we got to got to another special needs house. A younger mom had a young son who was immobile in the bed too. I think he had something wrong with his spin…cerebral palsy? Anyways, we sang and ministered to them for a long time. Then the mom and her other son served us refreshments and we chatted with them for a while. I brought a large New Testament to give to her. I asked her if she had a Bible and she said that she had one and gave hers away to a new believer. Wow….  I was so glad to give her that. She clung to it too. Then I give the little boy a little kids Bible and later that night when he ended up coming to the Bible Study, he had it with him. He looked at me and said, “Look, I brought the book you gave me.” He was so precious… The brother to this mother was very very godly. We visited his house one day and they served us refreshments and he was encouraging us so much. Sometimes I think they have so much faith, and know God in a way we will never know Him. They truly live in that humility and sincerity, loving Him with their all.

One couple I got to hang out with that lived in the city near the missionaries. The young couple have a huge ministry with the soccer boys. David is American but speaks Spanish and lives with his Mexican wife there in Mexico. Anyways, they have been through a lot, and have a lot to share about their life of loving on people and the kids. The wife and I are good friends, and I loved hearing about the little boys and how dramatically changed their lives where from one and and woman loving on them as Christ would. Man, guys, let me just tell you it was a HUGE blessing for me to meet this missionary couple, and the other family who have given it ALL to serve the people there. I learned so much about what it means to be a missionary, and to see how they live out their love for Jesus right there, was such a special part of the trip for me. 

We closed the week with full hearts. Warmed by the people, warmed by the smiles, the awkward moments, and the loving through Jesus. We were truly blessed to know everyone at the village, the missionaries, the locals, and the team. On Monday morning John, Ashley, and I headed the airport super early in the morning. Max and flown out on Saturday so it was just us three on Monday. I don’t know how to really bear having my heart split up in so many people and in so many countries. But I know that I don’t ever want to be calloused enough that saying goodbye isn’t at least a little painful. Ashley flew out pretty soon after we arrived (I think 5-6 am?) then John and I flew out at noon. So I had a good six hours to catch up with different things, and just breathe. So much to process. Then after a long day of traveling I got home at around Midnight. 

That was my Monday… ugh. sigh. But then I jumped in to craziness as my family was moving from Chicago to Texas! Basically, we had finished up with the work in Chicago, plus Texas was closer to the Southern training centers we needed to work on. So a lot of our team has moved with us down here. So we’ve been here for around three weeks. We moved into a beautiful house, and are delighted with the friendliness of the campus and staff. 

Well, after I have now written a book, I shall close! Guys, please let me know if you have any questions. I know my life is pretty hard to follow, but I want to give you all a peek into my life and all the craziness. May-as-well be crazy together right? Blessing to all you all!


Thursday, April 2, 2015

Excerpt from Kept for the Master's Use by Frances Ridley Havergal

Frances Ridley Havergal was an old time writing that had a dynamic life for Jesus. She wrote Hymns and Books. She wrote the famous hymn "Take My Life and Let it Be and Thy Life for Me."As I read this chapter on "Our Hearts Kept for Jesus," there were a few highlights I thought I would share with you all.

Prayer must be based upon promise, but, thank God, His promises are always broader than our prayers. No fear of building inverted pyramids here, for Jesus Christ is the foundation, and this and all the other ‘promises of God in Him are yea, and in Him amen, unto the glory of God by us.’ So it shall be unto His glory to fulfil this one to us, and to answer our prayer for a ‘kept’ or ‘established’ heart. And its fulfilment shall work out His glory, not in spite of us, but ‘by us.’

We find both the means and the result of the keeping in the 112th Psalm: ‘His heart is fixed.’ Whose heart? An angel? A saint in glory? No! Simply the heart of the man that feareth the Lord, and delighteth greatly in His commandments. Therefore yours and mine, as God would have them be; just the normal idea of a God-fearing heart, nothing extremely and hopelessly beyond attainment.

‘Fixed.’ How does that tally with the deceitfulness and waywardness and fickleness about which we really talk as if we were rather proud of them than utterly ashamed of them?

Does our heavenly Bridegroom expect nothing more of us? Does His mighty, all-constraining love intend to do no more for us than to leave us in this deplorable state, when He is undoubtedly able to heal the desperately wicked heart (compare verses 9 and 14 of Jeremiah xvii.), to rule the wayward one with His peace, and to establish the fickle one with His grace? Are we not ‘without excuse’?
‘Fixed, trusting in the Lord.’ Here is the means of the fixing—trust. He works the trust in us by sending the Holy Spirit to reveal God in Christ to us as absolutely, infinitely worthy of our trust. When we ‘see Jesus’ by Spirit-wrought faith, we cannot but trust Him; we distrust our hearts more truly than ever before, but we trust our Lord entirely, because we trust Him only. For, entrusting our trust to Him, we know that He is able to keep that which we commit (i. e. entrust) to Him. It is His own way of winning and fixing our hearts for Himself. Is it not a beautiful one? Thus ‘his heart is established.’ But we have not quite faith enough to believe that. So what is the very first doubting, and therefore sad thought that crops up? ‘Yes, but I am afraid it will not remain fixed.’

That is your thought. Now see what is God’s thought about the case. ‘His heart is established, he shall not be afraid.’

Is not that enough? What is, if such plain and yet divine words are not? Well, the Gracious One bears with us, and gives line upon line to His poor little children. And so He says, ‘The peace of God, which passeth all understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds, through Christ Jesus.’ And again, ‘Thy thoughts shall be established.’ And again, ‘Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on Thee, because he trusteth in Thee.’

And to prove to us that these promises can be realized in present experience, He sends down to us through nearly 3000 years the words of the man who prayed, ‘Create in me a clean heart, O God,’ and lets us hear twice over the new song put by the same Holy Spirit into his mouth: ‘My heart is fixed, O God, my heart is fixed’ (Ps. lvii. 7, cviii. 1).

The heart that is established in Christ is also established for Christ. It becomes His royal throne, no longer occupied by His foe, no longer tottering and unstable. And then we see the beauty and preciousness of the promise, ‘He shall be a Priest upon His throne.’ Not only reigning, but atoning. Not only ruling, but cleansing. Thus the throne is established ‘in mercy,’ but ‘by righteousness.’

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Mexico Update 2

Hey Everyone!

So, we are coming towards the end of this trip. March 23 is the day I fly back home. We have had a good experience here. Taking classes, and studying, and ministry, it's been good. But I am excited about going home too. I miss a lot of stuff about home, but mostly my family! 

The classes have been good, and it's been good to have a focused time for learning. I have realized now more than ever is that I must apply myself at home. Language is such a learning, growing thing, and I must keep learning and stretching myself. God has blessed me with many friends here that have helped me in learning too. The church here is so on fire for God. They have a lot of kids ministries and other ministries, where they are actively loving on people and pursuing people for the sake of the gospel, that's been very convicting and very encouraging. I've been blessed to go and help a few times to the kids club here that the young people put on. That has been really helpful too, to see how they interact with the kids. I've learned a few things about what you say to kids. "Ponga tú attención" Put your attention on the teacher. And "Séntate" Sit down. Hehe. 

Please pray for this coming Saturday- Friday especially. As we will be going out to a remote area to live there for a week and put on kids programs and encourage the people out there. I'm pretty nervous, but I know God has a special plan for this week! Pray for the food too, that none of us get sick, and that we would get what we need. We have a wood stove to cook on, so that will be a blessing. Also pray that Rachel and I will be able to do the translating well. It's kinda a week where we get left there, and have to do it ourselves. The immersion, I'm excited about though, as that's the best way to learn and solidify what you've learned.

So here's the team blog:

God bless you all, and Praise to Jesus!!!!

Kim Krause

Friday, February 27, 2015

Mexico update

Hello all!

Hello everyone! Thursday was a pretty busy day as we were getting ready for our weekend ministry in another town. It was our first day switching up the schedule for classes. Ashley now has her own lesson and  Rachel and I are together. This worked out better for everyone's needs so some weren't getting overwhelmed and some weren't getting too bored. The guys had there own adventure as they took the team laundry into town. Max reported that John rocked the Spanish. The class for me was good and challenging which was a huge answer to prayer as I have been wanting to be really challenged. It made me happy to have a good bit of homework to do! I'm learning a few tenses I only briefly knew and I'm getting to practice using them!!! After class I went with Rachel to buy a chip for the team phone for calling. That was an experience at the phone service place as the man we had spoke pretty quickly and of course had complicated phone related words. But the important part was we ended up walking out with a good chip! I got to catch up with my family on the walk home. Moms can solve a world of problems, especially my mom! The boys had an opportunity to play basket ball while us girls met with the one of the local missionary's daughters to have some fellowship in the Lord. Then we topped off the evening with a home cooked meal. 

Today we left for another town! We got to sleep in and clean our rooms and pack for the weekend. I got to go out to breakfast with Gaby. Her family is hosting us at the hotel in the main town. I actually met her back in 2008 I believe! She had been a special friend to me especially during our time here in Mexico!! We finished packing up and then starting walking out to the Combi station! Finally we were in our way packed into a little Combi. We made good time and got here at about 5:15. Ron and his wife are missionaries here that we will be staying with over the weekend and working with during this trip. They have such an incredible heart for the Lord. And have four cute boys who are full of energy!!! It immediately made all of us perk up to play with the boys and enjoy the evening with them. But I'm running ahead of myself as when they picked us up we actually went to the place where we will be be putting on our program and ministering alongside this family. We met the young missionary couple that works with Ron and his family. The young couple have their own ministry with the street kids. The inviting was fun as we hiking up a huge hill to get to the village. It was a beautiful evening and we are excited about the ministry tomorrow!!!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Kim in Mexico!

Hello Everyone,

Everything has been going very well here in Chiapas. The last few days we've been getting into the grove of doing our classes with Yasmina, and learning Spanish. It's been such a joy to have such wonderful hosts with Gaby and Grace and Steven. 

Today we had a huge prayer request answered. Jesus is faithful hear and answer our prayers! Last night, when were at the ATM, we had a crazy thing happen! The cajero automático ate the credit card. John searched through all his own belongings and pockets. We prayed and then after a bit of time, decided to go back to the hotel. In the morning, Gaby went with the guys back to the bank to try to talk to someone there. While they were at the bank, us girls were having our Spanish class. Yasmina told us how the ATM had once took her card and wouldn't let it out too, and it was a huge problem because they wouldn't open it for her, so eventually she had to call some official in Mexico to cancel her card! She told us it probably would be a big mess for us, that we may have to call the back to the US and cancel it and go through a big ordeal. 

But God, through His grace had other plans! Gaby talked to someone she knew there at the bank. They asked for an ID and they were able to get the card back. They even had it inside the bank at the counter. It was very unusual and only God could have answered like that!

After class, Rachel and I walked to her house where we saw beautiful landscape. The green trees and the mountains are gorgeous. And of course, to me they look even prettier with all the colorful Mexican houses scattered about. The lady that Rachel is staying with is very sweet and hospitable. I felt so welcomed, and it made my day to meet a Mexican Tía. She fed us so much food and it was all very good. Spegetti with cheese sauce, Cactus salsa, various other salsas, fresh tortillas, tostados, and.... two cakes!!!! Tres leches, and another one. They were both so delicious!!! Tres leches is basically vanilla cookies layered with a sweet cream and topping it is fruit. So yummy! Then we got to do dishes and wash some laundry in the back in a cement basin with cement sides to wash it. They had these in El Salvador, but they called them pilas here they called it a lavadora.   That was special, the Tia, showed me her two dogs, that were very nice too. 

Then Rachel and I met John and Maxwell at a nearby park. They had gone to play basket ball. While we were there we met a friend from church and had fun talking to him. 

Ashley had a good day... She got to go with Gaby shopping. I know they had a blast because she came back beaming, and with lots of yummy food for us to enjoy for our supper! ¡Qué delicioso! 

And to top off the meal we had ice cream bars! Good day! Lots of good times, and tomorrow will be another adventure!

¡Te vayas bien! 

Kimberly Krause

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Quote from Beth Moore

"My ministry is something I cannot fulfill on my own. In the words of 2 Corinthians 3:8, it is a "ministry of the Spirit." Only the Spirit of Christ activated and energized in me can perform my  God-ordained life works. I cannot serve Jesus without Jesus."
"When the Holy Spirit's anointing is on us for a work, we're using His energy and not just our own."
Beth Moore 

A friend shared this quote with me, and had to post it! Such a powerful quote! Thanks!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Wash those feet

The aspect of service has been one God has highlighted again and again in my life. I would have to say it has been coupled with knowing Him though. In this last year, He has really revealed His character and demeanor to me through His Word.  He lived that example of humbling Himself to the highest degree. Philippians 2 talks about how He took on the form of a servant and even humbled himself to the death on a cross. I heard one example saying that Jesus becoming a man, would be like us humbling ourselves to become a spider. This example of His humility in service has spoke so much to me. It's more than just an action it's the humility of the heart.

My family has always loved serving, and I've had to clean up some really gross messes in my life. Some though have been especially gross. I remember one time, a friend had a cat in a room, and it had really trashed the room and the litter box. The smell that came from that room was sickening and I slipped in to clean it out. Or another time of getting on hands and knees to clean out a gross refrigerator with moldy food. I've learned to take delight in simply serving in this way. In our family, we love to get in there and go for the biggest clean up job. It's like the bigger the challenge, we have more satisfaction of saying a job well done.

One of the things that deeply impresses me is seeing someone do these things too. I remember my dad was my superhero when we had a yard sale and sold a couch for like 7 or 10 dollars to a lady who desperately needed a couch because her dogs had completely destroyed hers. We took it out to her home for her, and removed out her old one. I told her about Jesus and gave her a Bible. It was a short conversation, but grabbing a trash bag and gathering up the papers and other trash all over her floor, I believe shared with her the heart of Jesus. I felt so blessed to have that special moment. When I was in Central America, I spotted another special moment, as the toilets there were very sensitive, and would get plugged sometimes. We had to flush by hand with a plastic bowl from a basin of water. There were an incredible group of humble elders in the church there. They were always serving. One day the toilet had gotten plugged up royal, and I walked by to see two of the men working on unplugging it. They had one of those snake things that they had down the toilet, and believe it was a gross job. I saw their service of love through secret prayer too, as I had heard a story of one of the men getting up extra early after going to be extra late because he had more to pray about in the morning.

 Another time that was my favorite is when I was visiting older folks in the nursing home. There was an older lady who was Mexican who hardly ever had people to talk to. We had a special connection as we communicated in her language, and in the language of love. She keep telling me her leg hurt very much, so I pulled off her sock. The immensely disgusting smell filled the air, as her blackened swollen foot came out of the sock. I had to hold my breath. But I remember thinking how sweet it was to serve her, by helping her with her foot. It made me think of Jesus washing the feet of his disciples and ultimately, everyone in the world.

This is what I want to do all the time, follow Jesus in wherever He is. He's washing feet, and that's where I want to be too, washing those feet.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Deeper Christian Quote - 3

Trying to do the Lord’s work in your own strength is the most confusing, exhausting, and tedious of all work. But when you are filled with the Holy Spirit, then the ministry of Jesus just flows out of you.
– Corrie ten Boom –

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Deeper Christian Quotes - 2

I can get more out of God by believing Him for one minute than by shouting at Him all night.
– Smith Wigglesworth –
What is Christianity all about? It is about an intimate relationship with God. And I HATE a christendom, a churchianity that God is not big enough and glorious enough so that we have to give them other things.
– Paul Washer –
Let us be ever careful that we not pursue the Cross-centered life without returning frequently to the Cross itself.
– Anonymous –