The God who sees ME

The God who sees ME

El Roi is my favorite name of God because it means the God who sees. He sees me. He wants to have a relationship with me and wants to know every detail of me life even though He is KING of the Universe. He is so good to me. He is my Lord and Savior. Nothing shall separate me from His love. He is All that I need and MORE!

Friday, June 19, 2015

Rodeo in Texas

I wanted to repost the picture that Joy and I took at the Rodeo last week in Texas! Oh my goodness. It was sooo cool. We have never seen so many people in Cowboy hats and boots. And man, them women got style in Texas! It was a huge rodeo with a lot of contents from all over. They had a nice balance of kid events and the traditional rodeo events like bull riding, and bucking horses. They had a comedian too, he was hilarious. So much fun. Anyways, just wanted to share this picture!

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


This year, the Lord has really opened my heart to the idea of becoming a Sonographer. I am a firm believer of life at conception, and the well being for mothers as well. My heart's desire is to be able to show women of all backgrounds their unborn babies. I would love to help them make that connection even before the baby is born. In that way show love to the women, who many times are in a very unstable condition, hurting, and confused about life. Be able to give a woman a chance to see her baby, is an incredible experience. I am starting to understudy under an Ultrasound technician in the area, and I got to observe a few ultrasound appointments. I saw the couples eyes light up, when they saw the gender of their baby. Or another lady who started to try when she saw her baby. It was incredibly special. To give this gift to women, especially ones who are undecided about their pregnancy, would be an absolute joy and pleasure to know you touched, not only one life, but two.

Any area of the Ultrasound world would be a worthy pursuit, as not matter what you are doing, whether looking at a baby, or checking for blot clots in the legs of the elderly, you would be showing love and ministering to physical needs. I also believe it would a great transition into other medical opportunities, such as nursing. I would like to achieve my goal of being an ultrasound technician before I begin pursuing other paths, but in the long run, the medical field has many possibilities.

One of my most significant challenges has been in the learning of the Spanish language. I am in the process of learning, but I have been to foreign countries for seven weeks. I have spent a lot of time studies and pursuing it. In every stage of life I am in, I see the value of working hard to accomplish goal in life. For me, I don't want to just speak, but also understand and embrace the culture. I was asked to be a translator for a trip to Central America. I went, but I did not know the struggle it would be as the dialect was very different from what I had learned. I would say that was one of the most challenging, but rewarding trips I have been in. I saw the Lord take my complete insufficiently and He would gain the glory. Many times, I didn't really know how to translate something, but God helped me through, and some how I would manage with something, even though it was choppy and halted. The pursuit of learning this language has taught me much more than the words to the language, but rather, a greater dependency on God, and that's one of the most valuable things to learn. As I go through other challenges, I can remember how He gave me strength that I wouldn't have had on my own, and how He will do that again, no matter the challenge. I can see the power of working hard, and applying myself, and trusting that He will give the grace needed to do whatever it is well.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Desperation for the Holy One

Something is burning in my heart this morning. That is desperation.  
Desperate for God
A week and a half ago, I felt desperate. Somehow I always come back to the same problem. I stop believing and letting the meditation of His Word change my life. I get self-focused coming to Him for  me to "feel good" about my self. I'm taking my filthy rags, and by Bible reading and prayer trying to force God into thinking I'm a good Christian. I came to Him in that desperation.  And He reminded me in 1 John 3:23 that my first job is to simply believe in Jesus Christ. Just believe. Slow down my thoughts, and open up my heart to hear from Him, and believe in Him, and know that He is God.

He has been showing me that He wants to see me desperate to really know Him. Am I willing to come before Him honestly everyday and really just take the time to seek Him out?

Look at who Jesus touched... He always touched those who came in desperation for Him with faith.
Faith is that action of belief. When Jesus healed the nobleman's son (John 4),  the man came in desperation to Jesus, and in verse 50, it says that the man believed the word Jesus had spoken.

I was praying this morning that I would come to Him like the woman at the well and be filled and satisfied with His water. When I'm dry and have becoming careless and unconcerned about Him, I easily believe lies. And stop believing the Truth. The woman at the well came to Jesus with an empty water pitcher. John 4 shows how when the woman is talking with Jesus, she catches that vision of hope, and after she is touched by Jesus, she runs excitedly to tell others. Isn't that what we should be like on a daily basis? Filled to overflow with His presence and with His joy, and out of that the telling to others becomes so natural and so motivated by the One you know.

I want to come in my complete helplessness to Him today, truly seek Him for Himself, and be filled like she was filled, so that she ran joyfully into this world. That's where the revival starts, in our hearts before Him. He doesn't want our lazy half efforts. He wants a pure heart that sees the need for the only One who can help. Just getting back to the simplicity of humbling ourselves before Him, and truly waiting there in faith and belief in Him and His work. It cannot be worked up in our own strength. I want to come through the door (John 10:9) and find good pasture. I want to come and be restored in my soul and refreshed by knowing him (Ps 23).  What's the most beautiful thing is that He is waiting with open arms. Of course He wants this for us. It's not that He's upset that we failed and failed and finally need Him. No, He created us to need Him and to desire Him, like a baby the momma milk. So when we come to Him, and admit our need for Him, He delights in that. And He was working by His Spirit to even make us realize our need for Him. He does the work both behind the scenes and openly. He is always the prodigal's father, welcoming him home in open arms.

Let us stir up that fresh need of Him. And then truly be still before Him to know Him, and to behold His presence. Then we can rise in faith having His fire in our souls.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Highlights from some really awesome sermons 2

Approaching God
-Pure worship- Don't settle for a lesser God
Charles Finey- He started the prayer of faith. He adjusted the Biblical view to fit his own beliefs. He tried to say that it was unjust of God to say that people had to turn away from sin and turn to Christ, unless they could do it in themselves.

If you warp how BIG God is, then you warp the full grandeur of His power.

God back to the foundation of who God is.
1. What is idolatry?
Could be Greed, Coveting, Lust
2. How does show up in the church?
3. What are the costs?

     1. Idols come in many forms - in name and subtle form
               Adjusting God
     2. Things that promise what God alone gives
-In order to say yes to the idol you have to say no to God.
     3. Idols are maintaining a self-focused religion that's easy.
-Jesus can not be centered around you.
     4. Take form of cultural god's. Entertainment
     5. They always come in when you cease to worship God.
-If you stop worshipping God, you don't worship nothing.
-Practical atheism is where you believe God is, but don't live like He is.
-How are you practical choices reflecting the God you serve?
-Are we taking the majestic view of God and getting distracted and dumbing down that view?
-God does not accept the offerings to the other idol.
Cain and Abel what does our sacrifice look like? Our worship. Isaiah 1:12-15, Malachi 1:10
-How can you talk to a God you don't know?
-How do you believe in a God you don't know?
-Is the music in church just creating a mood?
Do not allow me to embrace an idol and call it Christ.
-Are we worshipping ourself? Humanism.
We are trying to tell/present to the world that God is with us.
-The tragedy of our day is that God is not with us, and they know that.
- Christianity is about God.
Our first calling is to know God.
-We know that when we worship God how He deserves, we will find that He is drawing near to us.

Life update May-June 2015

Hey everyone! So I need to update everyone on my crazy life!

So last time I wrote an update I had been in Texas for a few weeks... Our home in Texas has been such a home of rest. It's absolutely beautiful. It has literally everything that our family needs. We have a huge living room with two sliding glass doors and plenty of fresh air when we want it. Mom has already hung up her homemade quilt and her pottery on the shelf. I have a piano. Dad has a comfy chair and we have our TV too. My room is lovely with light colors and big windows. The boys painted rooms in our house before we got there, so it was ready to move in. Oh and mine is lovely, truly inspiring. I love sitting in their with so much sunlight and being able to work on things at my desk or bed. The only funny part about all our "big windows" is sometimes we feel like we live in a fish bowl. Our neighbors our so friendly, and love the community. They will often be walking in the evenings. The funniest thing that happened was one day I was running a little late for church, and I was doing my dresser doing my hair or makeup, when I looked out the window and saw a bunch of Alert guys walking by on the way to church. I yelled in alarm and ran out of my room. HAHA.

So before I went to Mexico, I felt the Lord was opening the door for me to start something long term for my life. Honestly, we've lived a very "mobile" lifestyle for several years, so just the idea of "committing" long term, actually feels a little constrictive. I know, I'm weird... Well, I was thinking Linguist, or Ultasound Tech. So I was going to be praying to see what God wanted me to do. While I was in Mexico I met a friend who told me his experience doing linguistics, and I thought, no that's not for me. Sitting in a class room doing through the little details of a language would not be my style, I'd rather be learning with actively being with the Spanish speaking people. So when I got back from Mexico, Mom and I started visiting some local colleges to see about their Sonography program. We found one and started working through the steps to be able to go to college in the fall. I've seen God really confirm this step in my life! Like, I've found a Pregnancy Resource Center that I will be able to volunteer at and get experience working with the ladies, hispanics, and with the Ultrasound tech. The center is right near the college too! 

Please pray for me, as this summer I'm going back to El Salvador and Honduras! I'll be there for a month in July. I'm so looking forward to it, but I know my great need for Jesus to live through me. I can not do it in my own strength!

Hope you all are doing well! God is working so much here in my life!